third time lucky


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feedback appreciated

don't be scurred.

01 - London Elektricity - U Gotta Be Crazy (Enei Remix)
02 - Icicle feat. SP:MC - Dreadnaught
03 - Enei - No Fear
04 - Basher - Androids
05 - Phace - Basic Memory
06 - Villem - Do You I Wanna
07 - D:Bridge - Inner Disbelief
08 - London Elektricity - Love The Silence (Mutated Forms Remix)
09 - Basher - Plastic Faces
10 - Friction - Life Cycle
11 - Friction and K-Tee - Set It Off (icicle Remix)
12 - Logistics - Jungle Music
13 - Incident - Vacate
14 - Friction and K-Tee - Overtime (Spectrasoul Remix)
15 - Nymfo - Matchstick VIP
16 - Break - Something New
17 - Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix)
18 - Enei - Z Grab
19 - BCee and S.P.Y. - Diagnosis Murder (Metrik Remix)
20 - Raiden - Fallin
21 - Prolix - Chainsaw
22 - Friction - Flip The Page


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didnt' think id like that LE tune but enei's done a number on it!

dreadnaught sounded good, previous tune was too loud, i would have lowered its bass all the way so they sat real smooth, liked where u faded the other track out. was swish.

no fear, bit of vocal clash before the drop, i would have just brought in no fear after its vocal had finished, and again dreadnaughts bass was too much, i sometimes mix basslines and have 1 bass eq'd at 12 and the other on min, not always but it will make it smoother. doing this will make ur mid and treble stick out more tho, so u may need to subtractive eq on them.

androids was sick! shame it was short, might have sounded ace when no fears percussion came into play.

basic memory, sounded wicked.

i wanna, was ok, bit messy at points but not too bad, didn't like the drums when basic memory was quiet, i would have brough in I wanna when it went quiet just before the drop, wondering what they would have sounded like with the bass eq round the other way. might have been worse.

innder disbelief - those stabs sound great with i wanna.
didnt like it playing during i wannas breakdown. i would have brought it out of the mix then back in when the stab without the drums came in. bit messy when they dropped together but u fixed it really quick.

next track sounded nice, if u cut out the bass it would have gave it more space in the mix and inner disbelief would have been a lil less left behind.
sickkkk,... the drop together is nice.

plastic faces, again , as u can tell , i dont like other tunes drums during one tunes breakdown, just personal prefernce tho. sounded good tho.

cant stand life cycle, ha ha, had to skip forward to the mix with set it off..
sounded good together, thought set it off could have come in a few bars later tho. might have got some vocal clashes doing that tho.

jungle music, was nice, mix ended too early for me, i would have liked to have kept it going and set it off's bass to be slightly lower.

vacate, great tune, great mix, not heard this beat before.

overtime, didn't mind this playing during the breakdown coz they sound so lush together harmonically, need to lower vacate's bass tho.

matchstick, liked the way the end of each bar's tiwsted bass's sounded together, but u really needed some bass eq to smooth it out.

something new was ok

talk2frank - was looking forward to them dropping together, dunno what i t would have sounded like mind

z grab, couple of wobbly bits but nothing terrible, mix sounded wicked.

diag murder - was cool

falling not bad, could have kept it going a lil longer tho i thought.

chainsaw - bit messy to start but not bad.

im not gonna listen to flip tha page (no offence)

a nice lil mix man. its sounding good. all i can say is i would nail ur beatmatching a lil more so when tunes drop together you get it bang on. can be tricky.
and practise your bass eqing. record the same 2 tracks together and try out different ways of eq and see which ones sound best.


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wicked, thanks for that mate, much appreciated as always! agree with you on most of that, agree on the LE tune, thought it was gonna be shit when i first heard it but grew to love it... real bouncey