Drum & Bass Third Agenda - Horns Of Asaiah


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hi BB, not bad for a first tune. sound is good though i haven't listened to it on proper speakers yet. to my liking, there is too little movement in the track. it flows well but doesn't sound unique enough to be really new. I know, hard to do ground-braking stuff, but for example some tweaking of the main chords in your track would help. just my 2 cents worth .. (y)


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"Horns of Asaiah" - This reminds me of Nasty Habits, "Shadow Boxing" a bit... same kind of big and minimal vibe. The Production sounds nice, percussion is solid and level, the filtering on the Bass is fun. 2:50ish, oh yeah, you added some wobble with an LFO it sounds like, I like that. Lovin' all the big filter sweeped Pads, very atmospheric. The Horn synths add a slight Middle Eastern feel and flesh out the ambience well.

Out of the Breakdown at 3:32 I was expecting something hype, like a Lead doing a melody perhaps, no worries... this tune is (sounds like) designed to be a big Floor Filler with no attempt at sounding overly clever. ; )

Cool footage to pair with the tune! Bombing the Army Men at the end was interesting. I'd enjoy playing this in a Set with "Shadow Boxing". You shouldn't be nervous dropping fire like this, the tune is badass imho. I hope it performs well for you. :2thumbs:

Keep jamming!
Wow, thank you Protoplasym. That's made my day. Shadow Boxing is my all time favourite D&B track! :D We wanted that sound like the dark clouds had just rolled in and caused a storm. :D

I don't know if you saw it but at the very end of the vid I put together it shows the crosses of 1000s that have died. The idea being that war can do no good.
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