Thinking about making the switch from Reason to Fruity Loops.


Mar 12, 2009
For a while now I have been trying to learn Reason but I found the ins and outs of the program to be overly tedious. Having talked with Mistabishi on AIM and having him tell me that you can use any program you want to produce quality tunes, Fruity Loops simpler design and more straight forward approach attracted me?

Does anyone here use it or no of any producers who do? I'd like to get feedback on the program since I'd rather learn Reason than to use a greatly inferior product that won't allow me to have a crisp and professional sound.

Lastly, I haven't looked through the tutorials I have for Fruity Loops yet, but I have heard from friends to get the best out of Fruity Loops I'm going to need to have VSTs...which are plugins that emulate hardware, right? If anyone has any good suggestions for VSTs that are important to have I'd appreciate it. Also, do I have to spend money to get the good VSTs?

Thanks for your time !
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fruity loops 8 + massive and zeta + whatever other vsts that take your fancy + high quality drum samples = gravy... all the way to gravy town
online is a good place to get VSTs.. there are heaps of websites you can buy them from. Don't give up on Reason! I've been using it for about 18 months, completely self taught - there are thousands of tutorials on youtube that will show you techniques for how to get the best sound out of each synth, making really low sub bass and how to make reeses, parallel compression... all sorts of stuff. Perseverence is key.. but it's a great program...
^ Thanks, I'll consider that, but for FruityLoops, what are some good plugins to have? Not just for DnB, but overall production?

Hypersonic - this is good plugin coming with many different good synths, piano, sax, drum and other included sounds, quite easy to work with. You should check this one out.

And then of course Native Instruments vst's, like Massive, Kontakt with 33 GB of sample library :) or Battery, which comes with drum samples only, also quite a lot (some 10+ GB I think).
its not so much the software u use, but how u use it. ITs all about adding effects to ur project as well, such as running your bassline through a distortion unit, or tube amp etc etc. just keep fiddling till u get a nice sound
Thanks Areor! Hypersonic sounds sweeeeeet. I have Massive, should I look into the other NI VSTs. Do they all offer different things?

DJ, thanks as well. Are all the effects you mention like distortion unit and tube amp available through VSTs?

Big ups.
Yes, I recommend to try NI Battery. It includes many different good drum samples and also u can tweak those sounds through Battery included FX's, like compressor, limiter etc.

People say, NI FM8 also is great synth.

Can't say anything about Kontakt, haven't tried yet.. 249$ at Ebay :D.
u can use both programs together by re-wire cant remember wich way round u have to open them but one of them has to be open first b4 it will work then add a re-wire to your fl sequencer and bob'd your unk! i use FL and love it!

Check the tunes out Safe.
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