Thierry D - Dark Sunday (D&B ) feed back plz

you're kidding 4 threads all within the first and second page to promote the same 2 songs?.Mate you're doing it wrong. imagine if everybody here did the same thing. how annoying would it be if all the users spammed the board every time they thought they wrote a hit lol? i'm confused by your methods and i'm unfollowing as it's the same song over and over. spamming is just another form of being an attention whore and i'm seeing a pattern. Was genuinely interested in the track at one point but honestly your methods have made me not want to listen nor to give feedback. good luck. hope you get all the jungle rep you require. just in case you need another couple threads to grab the can find it here below , again here below oh and here below, again.oh also in the post above. If i'm being an anal cunt i apologize to the forum but shit ffs.