They Live - Cancel Standard [EXITCD007]


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Mar 27, 2007

As we revealed in our Anticipated Albums For 2011 feature, They Live (aka Consequence and Joe Seven) are releasing their debut album, Cancel Standard, on Exit on March 28th. We were speculating which tracks would be on it and now Exit have confirmed the 12 tracks that made the cut:

Cancel Standard Tracklisting

1. Cancel Standard
2. 7998
3. Nageslover
4. Mr Spalding's Neighbourhood
5. Letters Down
6. Cavalier
7. The Ridgeway
8. Horizonta
9. Katchatorie
10. Nuevo 37
11. The Alive
12. Today

The album is very much intended to be listened to in the order it has been presented, as a whole body of music meant to capture your senses and lead you across a soundscape of atmospheres, textures, differing tempos and a variety of percussion elements.

Another massive release from Exit. They're really bringing it this year


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Apr 13, 2009
This is going to be Mahusive! Got Dan Harbannam and Loxy and Resound albums to look forward to on exit as well! Bringing the Heat.


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Jun 13, 2009
BUMP. Fully released now.
Just picked this up, highly highly recommended for fans of this type of music. (Mostly downtempo, theres only a couple of tracks at around 170bpm). Some serious dark vibes on this.
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