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something for you tuna, daniel day does what does best, the late 19th century american pioneer, this time with an oil baron theme. the acting is fantastic and a funny quirk, if you will, is the unsettling horror flick style music, which i think is there to punctuate the severity of the situation or some other cinematic grip that you sort of feel but cant really touch. i dont know man, i hadnt seen gangs of new york at the time and daniels charachter (aptly named daniel) is difficult for me to relate to, megalomaniacal behaviour and relationship with his son and and and the story provides no release so i think its a good movie but completely unenjoyable. thoughts?


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Man I was like a 3-year old waiting for christmas. Seen it now like 3 times I guess but man is it good or what.

I really liked the similiarities of the charecters in gangs and there will be blood. In Gangs where he played Bill The Butcher the charecter was more straight forward type than in Blood but the personalities were surprisingly alike. Ambitious, bitter, good sense of surroundings and knowledge of how to do business surely applied for both of the charecters. I love that special sound in his voice when he yells and gets angry. Also the moustache that are kinda becoming his trademark!

I really recommend the movie to all, even if you're not a Daniel Day-Lewis fan. Like logikz kinda implied the movie doesn't really shock or have any major turns and twists in the plot and may even bore some. Still a great movie in my opinion. (y)

And logikz blad you gotta see Gangs of New York, they movie itself ain't so special according to a lot of people but I still think it's one of Scorceses best. And best charecter by Daniel so far, Bill The Butcher is so fucking cool. And so is New York in 1800's.
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