Therapy Sessions @ Herbal - Aug 04


Having missed the therapy before last and as I haven’t been able to attend one since easter through uni commitments (finals and all!) I was looking forward to sampling the delights of The Slaughter House. Made sure I got there nice and early to get the best value out of an already great value night, I mean 25p a DJ what the f%*K?!?!

When paying said hi to Dylan, always a pleasure, and entered the arena as Robyn Chaos and Nexxi were building the night up with some classics, getting the place nice and rocking.
Was getting pretty hot in the place already and was pretty rammed when Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch stepped up to the one’s and two’s. Don’t know what the f**k their first tune was but a tearing amen reverberated around the club and instantly the place turn from a pretty chilled atmosphere to pints flying around and everyone getting soaked!! Then another tearing amen came out of nowhere keeping everyone rocking, then silence… everyone a chance to breath and apologise for all those spilt pints. Out of the silence came that reece bassline and everyone knew what was coming, and the vocals “hide…..the…..tears” breathed out of the stacks.

By this point the entire dancefloor was one big mosh pit everyone was pogo-ing all over the place. They both then decided everyone should have a rest and took it down a peg, giving everyone a chance to visit the bar and get bottles instead of pints!
Having returned from the bar after hearing most of the tune I knew from defcom and uncut I was ready for another onslaught. They must have read my mind because they followed with their own interpretation of the rukus, yet another welcomed mix of this dutty tune. EDIT: this apparently this was played second tune! :rinsed: There was such a dirty tune which I assume was homegrown have no idea what it is but I assume all will be revealed very soon, by far my favourite tune of the set. The rest of the set was littered with classics such as the bkey remix of mutants and the tech itch remix of blueprint.

Next up was Bkey and Ink, was very interested to see these two back to back, by this point the alcohol was getting the better of me and I was pretty pissed.
Unfortunately don’t really remember many of the tunes but you can imagine what was going on, there was a nice fusing together of bkey’s tearing amens and ink’s rolling beats, played off one and other very nicely. Toward the end of the set I was feeling pretty damn sweaty as unfortunately the slaughter house was turning into a sauna and had to get out for a bit. Thought I would seek refuge in the Attic and when entering saw John B and Dylan having a chat. Was nice to chill out in the Attic as hadn’t previously been upstairs before. Stayed up there for a good half hour ish, was swayed staying upstairs for a little longer as they started serving pints upstairs!!
Went back stairs to find out that tech itch and Dylan were tearing the place down with all their lovely dubs, then chatting to my mate said I shouldn’t have stayed up there so long as ink played Baltimore for his last tune (still haven’t heard it in a club yet!) and Dylan’s first tune was sick. Crap.

Dylan and tech itch had obviously been busy in the studio as loads of dubs were played along with tunes off the technical freaks album (naturally!) like slave to life.
By this point I was pretty damn hammered and loving every minute of their set despite not really sure what was going on! By this point the place was rammed and pretty mental on the dancefloor…..time for another break in the Attic. Just caught the end of ayah (I think) and John B was about the grace the turntables.
Normally not feelin’ the eighties tunes but some of them weren’t bad! Some classics in there but unfortunately didn’t really compare with what was going on downstairs but nice to have another drink and a chat with it on in the background.

Thought I’d better return downstairs at this point through fear of missing any more phat tuneage. It was all kicking off downstairs as it was nearing the end of Dylan and tech itch’s set.
As usual the two finished their set off in style with heavy basslines and clanging snares all over the place.

Finally it was a triplet of djs up. Bad company, maldini and vegas, and loxy.
Now I was really hammered and it all got a little hazy by this point and couldn’t remember any of the tunes by this point. Their tunes were rolling as usual with the trademark bad company dirt thrown in for good measure combined with loxy’s selection it was a real treat. As the night drew to a close I was feeling knackered, pissed, wet as f**k, and all I could hear were ringing bells…..i knew I had a good night!!
Was feeling well hungry so after as must have danced off a few calories on the dance floor so wondered…stumbled…to the kebab shop to be confronted with tech itch and MC jakes buying kebabs for their long journey home to Bristol!! Was a f**king good night (from what I can remember) but it’s a shame as maybe the last one I’ll be attending for a while as start my 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job very soon so will have to try and use that stack of holiday allowance to return. There was one thing I did regret though…..not recording it off bassdrive : ( It looks like evol intent will be representing in Oct so you know I’m gonna be there!!!