Therapy Sessions @Herbal -20th Oct


! WolfMentality !
The time had come, it was time for my mid-week Therapy of "Demented Beats For Disturbed Minds."

After much confusion and frustration with the underground service to Liverpool.St bein' closed me and Nightmare paroled the streets in search of SOME1, ANY1 who knew where Old.St Station or HERBAL was.
As usual people who live in London, stick their noses up (in dere own f'in world) and point you in the complete opposite direction! :mad:

We made it to Old.St and Nightmare nicely spotted Herbal near the bridge. Upon walkin in (at 9:59) we still got charged a fiver!! But the entrance lady was FINE ;) and let's just say we made a lil' compromise.
NO SEARCH!?!? Now that was different...

Basslines rumbling the walls and beats poundin, Let's go!
Straight thru tha double doors, and it was clear the party was well underway!

Vicious Circle had the front ravers hyped as we walked to the front of the DJ Box, we took the reload opportunity to get the drinks in at tha bar...
This 3-man present 'Vicious Circle,' where dropping some real demented bass-lines, and the mixing was nice. (one's recovering was even better, hehe)
Could see Loxy and B-Key vibing behind the DJ Box, enjoying the atmosphere.
The last tune killed it for me tho, I could hear the vocals straining to be heard through the Herbal soundsystem and the Bassline building up nicely, THEN... IT DROPPED!
Massive response from crowd, this tune had the vocals, the b-line and beatz. GOOD STUFF!!

Mason w/Armanni Reign step up next with a catalogue of Dubplates on CD at Mason's disposal. (B-Key tweakin tha levelz!)
Starting with a tune that had a HipHop driven beat, the intro let alone the tune had already blown me away. Vocals on the drop wit NASSSSSSSSTY Beats!
His whole set was complete Innovation in it's purest (yet filthiest) form, different beats with all sorts of influences and a lot of bouncy B-lines over Amen BREAKAGE!! NIGHTMARE is absolutely luvin it!
(I'm alwayz right about tha sikk nights, wha can I say) :gun:
Took a little rest upstairs where Ayah was spinnin some classic B-BOY Shizzle and HipHop, Loxy feelin it.
Caught up with SHY FX (haven't seen him since Innovation) and T-Power who were feelin tha vibez.
Still awaiting EVOL... ... ...
A trip to the Menz room and see T-Power again, me and Nightmare take this (strange) opportunity to ask him about the progress of the album.
"IT'S DUN WHEN ITS DUNN!" -nuff said from T-Power.

The WAIT is over... Evol Step Up!! :chainsaw:
(Only seem to be 2 of the 3 inside 2night unless m'eyez decieve me) This Is Wha we Came FOR...
Tearin' B-linez and much of what I came to expect, time to brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroccccccccccccccck tha f*** out!
M'alcohol level was getting low, I walked (stumbled) to the bar and ordered m'old mate Jack. Only to hear "Where's The Score- Evol Intent Rmx," comin' in, I made my way with all speed to the front (spillin 3/4 of drink I just bought on the way) and prepared for the drop!
This tune gets me everytime, BIG UP! :rave:
Did I forget to mention that (unless u haven't already heard, hold tight SDM) Evol Intent blew the system twice in their set (first wasn't funny but the 2nd was jus' taking the piss). I reckon Herbal couldn't handle tha FILTH to be honest ! :finger2:

Calyx last but not least, starting with a two-step-style riddim that sounded perfect on Herbal's sound system!
I needed another break to sit down, this was getting too much! Upstairs we go and Nightmare has already drawn the FrEaKs with ease, (NO not anyone on Freak.Rec, calm down!) I drew a drink from the bar easier. How could I be sitting down knowing Calyx was ripping it, back down I go! He is about to blow the system for the 3rd time, and was lovin every second of it!
I C SOME HATERZ....Watcha so Mad at NoW?
The remix got an almighty reload and everyone inside was gettin' down and dutty to the (remixed) work of Hive!
Dark, DARK and Darker Calyx was showin' us with 'Demented Minds,' what it was all about!

I left with a smile on my face and if it wasn't a weekday and it had gone on just a little longer, I think I would have been 200% content. (100% ain't bad at all tho!)
BIG BIG night, I'll see all you freaks at tha next one! (Check the line-up, no doubt already (or being) posted)
The journey home consisted of a relay race to catch the bus from Shoreditch, chapping m'b*lls off in Brixton, (hold tight Gen) and freezing on the walk home.
In, Glad, Eat, Fag, Bed... ... ...

1 :evil: