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Dec 8, 2007
1 DJ Pleasure And DJ Siren - Make Me Feel
2 DJ Bassdriver - Living Without You
3 Paranoia - Paranoia
4 Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Scott Brown Remix)
5 Interstate - Lost Generation (Scott Brown Remix)
6 Interstate - From The Underground
7 Interstate - I Died In Aberdeen
8 Scott Brown - The Pilgrim
9 Sensi-tize - Feels Like Heaven

the_voice_happy_hardcore_30mins_2nd_march_2009.mp3 (26.37 MB)

dont mix in the pitch dark like i just did big fail

just few happy hardcore tracks from the old days most are piano ones
This mix is good man. Proper heavy, mixes are off in places (but solid elsewhere), tracklist is sick.
Turn the light on next time maybe :teeth:

Looking forward to more hardcore from you!
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