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#1 .... the yellow pages of DnB ;)

Created this page months ago just for myself and a few mates, ended up using it ALL the time and it was real fuckin useful so after others kept on asking about it, I decided to share it for everyone else on the web.... :idea:

Spankin new site that links DIRECTLY to the Promo shopping page of every DnB store on the web so you never have to miss out on a hot release again.

Includes the list of the weeks promos and new releases

Also included is a link page to every bloody drum n bass forum on the web, organized by continent .... GREAT for promotion

And Finally, an hourly updated list of all the latest mp3 mixes that float around on the forums so you won't miss out mixes or live sets. (brought to you by

Check it out! And if you like what you see, or have other suggestions or are a record store or forum that want to be listed hit the contact link at the top of the page.