The year ahead with LSB


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In the last few years, the drum and bass scene has been awash with new talent, producers pushing the sound to places it hadn`t been before, music so finely tuned that we are blown away on a regular basis.

One of these new drum and bass whizz kids, is liquid aficionado, LSB. Over the last 5 years or so, LSB has released on a plethora of labels suited to his style, from Spearhead, Demand, Integral, Soul:r and Hospital to name a few. Bringing his own brand of melodic, smooth liquid he`s definitely concreted his place as one to watch in the scene.

2015 saw LSB shoot even further into the limelight by producing one of the biggest tunes of year, 'The View' with Manchester based MC DRS and vocal talent, Tyler Daley. Further adding to his already impressive portfolio and being played in a lot of sets all around the world.

This year will see LSB undoubtedly producing more incredible music for the masses and jetting off to various festivals where you can see him at work. One of those festivals is called 'Horizon' set in the snowy mountains of Bankso, Bulgaria, a chilly but extremely exciting place with artists from across the world playing music in abandoned factories, medieval banquet halls and secret hotels whilst you enjoy skiing or thermal pools, sounds amazing, right?!.

Well we think it is! and we`ve caught up with none other than LSB to get the lowdown and find out what else he`s up to!