The X-mas dinner thread!


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Aug 12, 2007
Ok, i don't care what anyone says, but the part of xmas i love the most is the dinner, fuck the presents, they're nice but it's all about the meal for me really.

Usually my mum n dad start preparing the dinner about 5 days in advance, cookin up the lil things to make sure everything is ready on the whole.

Just the lil stuff that makes it count, like buying in organic cranberries and makin their own sauce with a lil sherry in it, or makin their own bread sauce, letting the giblets soak in water, then cookin the veg in the water, then using the water for gravy stock, the pigs in blankets from the local farm (sausage wrapped in bacon), the tats cooked in goose fat. This year we got given some pheasants, which we had to gut etc, should be a really good meal, i was getting a lil tired of turkey!

Ohhhh yeh and the icing on the xmas meal cake, the fat spliff i smoke before hand!

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Mar 30, 2006
Gotta big up my missus for sorting xmas dinner. Started it days ago.

Big fat dinner, beer. sleep, more beer and chill.


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Aug 27, 2008
i made christmas dinnerrr!!!
Well its still cooking cuz its only 7pm in cali now :)
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