The 'What are you listening to?' thread


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this song is so sad. its so damn sad, and it really speaks to me. because i was really sad about this girl, and i used to get too fked up.

but now im not sad and i get relatively very little fked up, i have my pills i get from the doctor and thats about it, give or take a few bits and bobs here and there. im still sad about that girl but i just got a rebound chick and its effects cannot be understated, its like taking a bucket of concetrated black tar nuclear grade cyanide poison out of your heart, adding a swimming pool of milk of magnesia and oil of ulay, and pouring it back in.

i actually had an impulse in my brain saying "you know what, its going to be ok. itll take a little time, but were going to be ok" and that is one of the most beautiful things a man can have, the feeling of the wind changing

anyway im not sure i should listen to that song, it makes me sad and destructive. its such a tragedy he died, i didnt know about him because his "lucid dreams" was so garbage using the same sample as nas did on "the message", one of the most classic rap songs ever for me, so i totally ignored him until i found this. the whole album is emo rap at its finest.