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    Wow, have you seen what happening in Manchester from October... Big Warehouse style parties every weekend for 12 weeks!!!

    Public Enemy, Pendulum, Roni Size, Lemon D @ Dillinja, Krust plus loads more

    "Things are hotting up now as Manchester gets ready for 12 weeks of warehouse action. With the venue now revealed as The Old Brewery (formerly the Boddingtons Brewery) one of Manchester's most iconic landmarks, its time to start spreading the word. Everybody from Manchester knows this legendary site, with its towering chimney peering out over the city, where they made that legendary tonic for over 250 years... For three months we take a piece of the cities most cherished heritage and catapult it into the twenty first century. We couldn't possibly have asked for a more perfect backdrop for the first Warehouse Project."

    They are running a cracking competition via their Myspace (there is a competition form to fill out on there) to win travel, hotel etc for the shows, click the banner below.