The very best of jungle vol 1 (93-95)

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    Dec 25, 2012
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    A great Mix for all those who remember the golden age and the raves like dreamscape, helter skelter, vibealite, club kinetic, jungle mania etc...
    This mix captures the essence of those days. Enjoy Ravers
    Tracklisting.........Is coming soon but off the top theres monster tunes such as....! Not in the right order.
    Tom & jerry- airfreshner
    M Beat- shuffle
    M Beat- rumble
    renegade- terrorist
    the bookworm- who remembers vol 1?
    jmj & richie- fantasy #2
    Roni Size- Fashion
    Sub Nation- scottie
    Levitcus- The burial
    SE9 Crew- So Sweet
    DJ Vibes- Indulge
    Vankleef- life began changing
    OO7- Your love
    A Zone- calling all the people....... And many more, if u want the full tracklisting in the right order then just let me know
    Mixed by DJ Vinyl Richie......