The Vangarde Transmission EP OUT NOW!!!

The Vangarde Transmission EP OUT NOW!!!


The Vangarde Transmission EP
Release date Monday 27th September 2010
Label Live & Dangerous
Distributor (Cygnus Music)

The Vangarde - Transmission.
The Vangarde - Transmission.The Vangarde - Ride It Out.
The Vangarde - Ride It Out - Diode DNB Remix.

The Vangarde - Ride It Out Bankai Electro Remix.
The Vangarde - Ode2 Tokyo Maztek DNB remix.
New exclusive live band signing. Live Summit - Wind featuring Anngree, Forthcoming.

Live & Dangerous

Live & Dangerous is the new sister label to Dangerous New Age Recordings. It has been put in place because of the growing popularity of live acts going from the underground to the main stream and front stages, It Has also been created to give our live acts a place to put out their music we did not really have any where we could host more mainstream music and we could not miss out working with such talented live acts such as The Vangarde & Live Summit. This is a little preview of what is to come from Live & Dangerous.

Introducing to you The Vangarde

The Vangarde are a two time award winning band from Sydney Australia. Their music is next generation electronic music. The group consists of Rust (Nick Platers, producer, vocalist) and Bishop (Michael Sison, vocalist). In 2007 the band received a lot of attention after winning Best Unsigned Dance/Electronica in Australia.

And In 2008 they scooped up Best Video Artist for 'Ode To Tokyo' It did not stop there either in 2010 they made it to the top five nominees out of thousands of entries for Ride it out sealing them a place on the red carpet once again at the prestigious Music Oz Awards.

It’s very difficult to put The Vangarde in any set genre. They can walk into any party, club or festival and play whatever is needed to fit the nights or days music. The Vangarde have recently reinvented them selves’ and have acquired some new members to the band.

Joe Tiribassi is a brilliant Guitarist and Nathan Klein is an awesome Drummer. They have both proved they are very valuable and help to brining this act to life.

The Vangarde are most definitely going to get the respect and success they deserve, it’s just a matter of time? Turn the volume up and take a listen to the sonic mayhem they call The Vangarde.

“One of the most promising underground outfits to emerge from Australia since Pendulum."

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