The UYN Download Chart (5/12/05)

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    OK, the chart is now moved to Monday morning as that appears to make more sense. Mayzee's mix is out in front by a country mile and it has to be said his relentless promotion of it really did help (note for UYN artists!)

    1. Mayzee - SECRET WEAPONS MIX

    2. Wiservice - SUM LIVE @ The Wedgewood Rooms 22/10/05

    3. Wiservice - DRAIN AWAY (from UYN Vol. 1)

    4. Wiservice - 724 JAM LIVE @ The Wedgewood Rooms 3/8/05

    5. Violenski - FAX HEAD (in four parts: PART 1, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR)

    Violenski's excellent four parter is the highest new entry this week. As promised before, Dom Thompson's DJ set will be up this week plus tracks from Rusty Sheriff.