The Uprising - Ammunition



Currently out now on Ammunition's 32nd Digital Installment: 7 killer tunes covering a great range of the neurofunk drum n' bass spectrum! From the heavy to the melodic, "The Uprising" EP from Ammo is as diverse in it's sound as it's producers. Including artists:

Nasty Genius (New Zealand) -
Beneath A Steel Sky (France) -
Miditacia (Russia) -
Biolysis (Atlanta, GA / US) -
Wreckage Machinery (Austria) -
Proton Kid (Romania) -
Pizhik (Russia)
Exorcist (Hungary) -
Inward Phase (Hungary) -

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Many of the tunes were featured in our recently released Ammunition Recs Podcast 006, which you can find at the following links:

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Bigup to everyone for the support!

- Ammo