The Upbeats @ Platform One, Melbourne Australia 25.03.05


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New Zealand producers The Upbeats (Jeremy Glenn and Dylan Jones) captured the attention of drum'n'bass listeners everywhere with their massive tune Slit on BC Recordings, and again with a flurry of new plates like Craven Raven, Late Night Fright and The Gospel being played by the likes of Noisia, El Hornet and Dieselboy. Good Friday evening was Melbourne's chance to check the real deal from the source, as The Operatives presented The Upbeats at Platform One, in the heart of sunny Melbourne. We're talking DJs from seven crews, back to back over 8 hours. Yummy.

Rolling in at 11.30pm, we check the drum breaks of Fickuss and Fenton (Kombat Bass), some very tidy tunes and excellent drumfunk styles to finish their set. :tehpepsi: More vodka and Red Bull please ...

If you want to get a crowd hotted up, look no further than DJs Motive and Sean (Terrain Crew). Melbourne's adopted Kiwis brought pure class from go to whoa; varied classics like Golden Girl and Dom and Roland's Punish Me mixed with aplomb. This is the selection that makes DJs stand out. At 1am Seven and Blanco (Local Motion and Elementz crews respectively) then took the ball and ran with it, rinsing out brilliant tunes like Dillinja's Rainforest.

Dylan from The Upbeats worked his way onto the decks at 2am and mixed a selection off CD that ran strictly with the hard techy flavour they are renowned for. The deadly impact was apparent, as much of the dancefloor rocked out solidly and enthusiastically, although he didn't stray far from this sound over a two hour period. I'm not gonna complain about copping tunes like The Gospel out of a nice speaker stack though, and overall it was a thumping set. :rslayer:

Local rudeboy Fletch seems to have adapted to the role of after-star-attraction support DJ of late; as he is the local most capable of rinsing out a set of pure upfront bad-ass shit, this is totally justified. End result, dancefloor keeps churning.

Top night for $10, and well done to The Upbeats for their continuing success.