The Upbeats debut LP coming soon – “Big Skeleton"WORLDWIDE RELEASE: NOVEMBER 2ND 2009

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    Non Vogue Presents:

    The Upbeats | Big Skeleton LP

    2×12″ EP Tracklist:

    A) Big Skeleton
    B) Carousel (Ft. Kemo)
    C) The Unearthly
    D) Laser Crypt

    Format: 1xCD (Jewel Case)
    Cat No: NZNV009
    Will also be made available digitally.


    If you’re The Upbeats, you never know when inspiration is going to hit, or leave you curled up on the floor with laughter-induced abdominal muscles pains. In this particular scenario, their inspiration was a whispered Brazilian ghetto story related to them by a friend. The story of the Caveraos (English translation: Big Skeleton), a super-tank full of Navy Seal trained Brazilian gang members known to terrorise the favelas of Rio De Janeiro, or on good days, distribute Nike sneakers and free cable. Sounds fucked up right?

    Anyway, as you’ve probably gathered by now, The Upbeats were suitable taken with this story, and having already floated the idea of a haunted-house album, decided to title their third album Big Skeleton, out of homage to the Caveraos; and horror in general.

    Be it the haunted click’n’bass soul of ‘Bones’ (featuring Ned Worboys of Harbour City Electric), the sub-grinding, stream-of-consciousness narrative driven breakbeat insanity of ‘Carousel’ (featuring MC Kemo from Germany), their speaker-rupturing foray into dubstep on ‘Macabre’ (co-produced by the mysterious Crushington) or the drum’n’folk atmospherics of ‘Through The Night’ (featuring award-winning country singer Jess Chambers); Big Skeleton lives in equal balance between the headphone headspace and the mindset of the club, which is a rare and terrifyingly beautiful combination in drum’n’bass. And that’s not even touching on the collaborations with State of Mind or Japanese rapper Cardz.

    This September with Big Skeleton, The Upbeats wake the dead, and the whispered terror walks once again.

    CD / Digital Tracklist:

    01. Big Skeleton
    02. Ki Ki Kai Kai (Ft. Cardz)
    03. Planet Earth (Ft. State Of Mind)
    04. Bones (Ft. Ned Worboys)
    05. Bury Your Head
    06. Under The Sky
    07. Carousel (Ft. Kemo)
    08. Macabre (Ft. Crushington)
    09. The Unearthly
    10. Ghost Radio
    11. Noises
    12. Laser Crypt
    13. The City That Sleeps
    14. Through The Night (Ft. Jess Chambers)

    What the DJ’s are saying!

    Marcus Intalex: “Two of the most innovative and versatile producers on todays scene. Whenever I get something new from these guys I instantly stop what I’m doing, knowing full well I am just about to hear something totally fresh.”

    Dieselboy: “Once again redefining the future sound of neuro funk nastiness. Buy on sight!”

    Ed Rush: “Everything these guys do demands immediate attention. Drop whatever you’re doing and go grab Big Skeleton… sick, sick, sick! They specialize in dance floor artillery of serious weight as we all know from their releases in the past. This album is no different and is a brilliant testimony to their talents. Also includes one of the best dubstep tunes I ever heard… Ship It!”

    Exclusively distributed by S.T. Holdings.
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    Re: The Upbeats debut LP coming soon – “Big Skeleton"WORLDWIDE RELEASE: NOVEMBER 2ND

    nooooooiiiiiiiiiiccccccce! upbeats are sick, just picked up thier "screw up" rmx :chainsaw:
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    Re: The Upbeats debut LP coming soon – “Big Skeleton"WORLDWIDE RELEASE: NOVEMBER 2ND

    Nice. 'Nobody's Out There' was great. I'll be looking out for this