The Unik - The Rise/Gazoline [VAR005] Out July 15!

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    What better way to celebrate summer by releasing a shit-hot monstrous release which will surely melt speakers left right and centre, if they haven't already! Fresh out of France is newcomer Adrien Sauvaget aka The Unik, blowing minds off with
    his unique blend of in-your-face neurofunk which still retains a lot of freshness this subgenre sometimes lacks. Scorching!

    VAR005 The Unik - The Rise / Gazoline


    "The Rise"
    Bleepy techfunk flavour which sets you off flying with enough rawness and just the right amount of jump-up vibes.

    Straight punchy business on this one. Madness in the making as the sick and twisted bass grinds its way through your eardrums!

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    Released: July 15th, 2010

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