The underground scenes shortcomings

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    This guy just nailed it:

    The article maybe about the hardcore scene, but hardcore and dnb share roots and I cant help but feel exactly the same way about dnb.

    It may just be my experience of my local scene, although I'm sure many of you can relate, regardless its definitely worth a read.

    Here are my thoughts, I'd like to read yours too:

    The last couple of years have pushed dnb back into the mainstream and the club mentality has followed suit. Big, expensive headliners, a couple of free DJ's to warm up, ego everywhere and the community spirit of the conservative party.

    Were all to blame for this culture shift, as much as were all victims of it, everyone from the club managers to the attendees. I bought into it too, clamoring for some semblance of recognition for my efforts, selling my time and soul for not even a thank you. As a result I've have been used and abused by too many egos to list, many of which i dont care to remember.

    I've seen many club nights come and go, nearly every time its about money. Dont get enough footfall to cover that massive headliner? Tough shit, soak it up or fuck off. Promote harder next time.

    Well fuck that for a game of soldiers! That mentality has burnt so many of us and its high time for a change.

    I feel were well along the road down from that peak, back to the underground where we belong. Now more than ever we need to stop the egotistical posturing and each build an inclusive community people want to be part of.

    Yeah I'm a jaded old cynic, (and a bit of a hippie) but fighting the tide aint fun anymore, I'd rather have a good bunch of like minded friends than posters on my wall. I'm sure many of you are the same, so go support that little independent dnb night in your town. You know, the one that doesn't spam the shit outta you on facebook? Yeah, they're alright you know ;)

    This turned into a bit of a rant, for which I halfheartedly apologize. Forums are a good place to vent!

    TL;DR we are the solution.
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