The Unborn | Ufo! - Jason - Phear - Kemst - Mekanix | 09-04

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    Imagine for a second a world where art was not present.
    Think, if you will, of a world where those who were musically inclined were not born.
    Now, attend the party where neither of these will apply.

    Odd Productions brings you the 5th MindFuck Drum&Bass Dance...


    .. THE UNBORN ..
    Saturday | September 4th | 2004


    Featuring DJs | MC | VJ...
    "One of the west coast's pioneers of the tech sound, UFO! comes to The Unborn as both resident and special guest for each event. When approached for this one, he made it clear that his aim was to do an exclusive 'Phunckateck inspired set.' You will be hearing a 2 hour altercation of this legendary California drum&bass label's music, artists and signature sound. Anything and everything revolving around this name will be brought in a style that only the UFO! can bring."

    "Known for his extensive catalog and all around discerning taste in music, Jason hails from San Diego and is an unmatched choice for The Unborn vibe. His first visit showed a side of d&b rarely seen in today's clubs and parties. With recent gigs such as The Time Machine where only a small extent of his capabilities were shown, you're sure to now receive a 2 hour blessing of quality modulation."

    "Muse resident and online mix magnate, The Unborn resident and co-producer, Phear, holds it down with an intense display for diverse styles of drum&bass. Opening this night, his 2 hour set will set the tempo of those styles deep and subconscious to the dance. If it is mental you want, then it is mental you shall receive."

    "Resident for two of LA's hottest clubs and The Unborn, his reputation has been built as being one of the most unique men on the d&b microphone. Crowd interaction, subliminal messages and a skirmish of rhymes in the pocket of his mind, join Kemst as he heads up the vocal patrol from the left to right side of your mind."

    "The visual duo of Mekanix is comprised of two well-known video cut-ups here in Los Angeles. Being the newest members of The Unborn family, their last performance at this event left attendees in sheer awe of just how lucky we are to have them in our city. Taking you on the visual ride for most of the 6 hour evening, you best come prepared with eye solution for after the show- you will need a strong cleansing."


    Giveaways and Booth setup by MUGRE DEZINED APPAREL
    See the current catalogue at


    Hollywood Loft Location | 18 and over welcome | 10PM - 4AM
    $7 before 10:30 w/ exact change | $10 w/o
    $12 after 10:30 w/ exact change | $15 w/o
    Online information at or
    Call for directions the day of the event | 323.878.2258 or | LA Unified 310.354.4004