The ULTIMATE jungle collection for sell!!! Never to be seen


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The ULTIMATE jungle collection for sell!!! Never to be seen

Selling basically my whole collection cept 3 creates. Gonna start 2 jungle labels so help me by buying some of these great old school classics. I would be willing to sell the whole lot, which would give you an awesome foundation of jungle to use, but you must give me an offer.

Email me for inquiries and for possible sound clips. DON’T pm me on any board:

Two Sounds Jungle-Barrington Levy and Beenie Man-Greensleeves promo

Gunman-Michael Prophet and Beenie Man-Greensleeves promo

Jungle Jesus-Jungle Warrior-Strictly Underground

A Dark Dark Knight/A Dream State-2 Ruff 4 U-Sola Power 002

Highly Recommended LP-Various-Formation LP 003
Highly Recommended/Paragon VIP/Lighter VIP/Deep Soul/Hearing is Believing LP mix/Low Down and Funky/Jon Two/The Bass/Black VIP mix/Pornography rmx/Rollidge LP mix/95 Rampage VIP mix

Abducted 4 mixes-Various-Jungle Sky Records

Inner City Life 4 mixes-Various-FFRR

Conqueror/Boyaka Your Sound/Jungle Motion-Alpha and JC-Ibiza Records 046

Amen Heaven EP-Various-Kemet 029
No Resistance/God Alone/Soul Pill/October 16th

Hypa Hypa-Prizna feat Tenor Fly-Kickin Underground Sounds 05

Arabian Flight/High Jack-Jay Parkes-Pin High Records 003

Unknown-Unknown-Back 2 Basics orange promo 022

Unknown-Unknown-Back 2 Basics Gold promo 026

Wah Do Dem-Sativa-M & G Records WHA 1

Just be Good to Me/Let Me Show You/You are my Destiny/The 179-RJ-Hi Pois’n 002

Relax/Kind of Love-DJ Phantasy-Easy Records 002 promo

Happiness EP-Curious-Herbn’ 005

Hip Hip/Morning Joy/Hands in the Air/Big up Who fe Get Big Up-Shut up and Dance Crew-Shut Up and Dance Music 001
-Has Pic Sleeve

Simple Tings-Shy Fx-Sour 018 promo

Operation Tek ‘Im-Everything rmx-De Good, De Bad, De Ugly-Eezee Records 001

Chopsticks/VIP mix-Unknown-LR 001 promo

We R E 94 mix-Konk-Lennie De Ice-Do or Die 004

Tra La La Boom-Rat Pack-Rat Pack 001
-Has “You bring the Sun Out” vocals in ragga style.

Atmosphere/Knowledge and Wisdom-DJ Phantasy-Rogue Trooper 008

Reality/VIP mix-DJ Swift-Intalektive Records 010 promo

Rumble In the Jungle Vol 1-Various-Jungle Fashion Records LP 001
-General Levy Disk: Good as Gal/Ism Schism/Wha Dem A Watch We For/Murderer/Too Trigger Happy/Don’t Say Nuttin
-Top Cat Disk: Drunken Master/Bunn the Sensi/Roughest Gunark/Sess A Weh Yu Want/Request the Style/Nah Lef Me Splif

Rumble In the Jungle Vol 2-Various-Jungle Fashion Records LP 002
-Posion Chang Disk: Love The Woman/Press the Trigger/Over You Body/Shot Fe Bust/God Head/Arm Strong
-Cutty Ranks Disk: Limb By Limb/Original Ranks/The Stopper/As You See It/The Cutter/Original Rudeboy Style

Hypnosis/rmx-Simon Bassline Smith-Rogue Trooper 007

Dark Love/Sweet Love-Jack Speed-Rogue Trooper 004

Banana Boat Man/Code Black-Junior Reid and Supercat-Lion 010

Dem 2 Ruff-Unknown-DRM 2 Ruff 001 white label

Babylon-Trace and Ray Keith rmxs-Dee Jay 022R

Babylon-DJ SS and Trace rmxs-Dee Jay 022R2

10,000 Babylon-Prizna-Kickin Underground Sounds 006 promo

Deejay-Dillinja-Chronic 005
-“Deeeeeejaaaaaayyyyyy” vocal over fast amens. My fav and only Chronic record.

Champion Sound-Devious D and Chris Jay mixes-Dubwise Productions 001

Big Up Your Chest/Junglist Warrior-Ellis Dee-Cat Records 001

Pulp Fiction/Pulp Fact-Unknown-Urban Gorilla 001 white label

No Gun Buisness EP-Unkown-Sensi Press 001
-No Touch De Gun/Sex Body/Take My Breath Away

Jungle On the Streets Sampler-Unknown-GTO
-Wicked Tune/All the 24 7 Massive/Devotion/Desire

R Type/Imagine The Future-Jo-Awesome 022 promo

Jungle Girls-Unknown-Ibiza 048

Soundclash/Champion-Sixteenarmed Jack-Illegal 001

Prophecy rmx-Agent K-Brain 029

We Intelligent/Blood Babylon-Don of Dons-Drum N Bass Records 003

Tribal Blast/The Juice-Future Recordings 001

-Early 93 hardcore jungle.

Life Line/Soon Come-Unknown-Liftin Spirits 011 promo

Unknown-Unknown-Eyes 002
-Three track EP

Unknown-Unknown-DUBT 001
-Three track EP

After Midnight/Zero Gravity-Jack Horner-Spectrum Records 001
-93 hardcore jungle

The Crowd Says Rewind/So Good/I wanna Say Yeah-C Biz-Brain CV 7
-Classic hardcore jungle tune

Face & Mikey EP-Parallel-Ruff Diamond 001
-Jungle It/Keep Me Warm/Cover Me/Pablo Meets Newculus. Hardcore Jungle throughout

Inesse/Let me Tell You Something-Pascal and Alex Reese-Face Records 102
-Darkcore jungle.

Year of the Dragon/Angelz From Haeaven/Back 2 Back-Tricks and Fascinate-Boom Toons 03 promo
-Early 93 jungle

Come Forth/Roughest-Dj Rap-Proper Talent 010
-Classic Rap tune in 95.

Your Destiny/Sweet Dreamz-Dj Crystl-Dee Jay Recordings 016

Dark Stranger-Boogie Times Tribe-Suburban Base 027 promo

Hero’s Welcome/Top Gun/rmx-The Regulators-Subversive 002 test press

The License unreleased mix-Krome and Time-Slammin Vinyl LP 004
-This was never released mix of License on the Absolute Classic Drum and Bass lp released in 2001. I think it’s the best mix. Other tunes on this single vinyl from the album are: Relax-DJ Phantasy/It’s the Way-Taktix/Champion Sound-Q Project. I don’t have the other 2 vinyl, but those have released tunes on them anyways.

Oh La La Jungle/Martins Tune-Unknown-Zulu Records 003

Sweet Vibrations remixes-DMS and the Boneman X-Sure Shot Records 001

Lover Man/The Ride-Da Maytrix-Kute Kutz Records 001

Deeper Life/Jacobs Ladder-Chimeria-Back 2 Basics 016 green promo

Every Dog has it’s Day/Smile-Jay Cee-Ibiza Records 050

Unknown-Unknown-Ibiza Records 052
-Three track promo

Rollin and Controllin-DJ Shock C-Headless Records 004 black label promo

Concrete Jungle/Dancehall Vibes/Live Vibes-Project One-Marshall Gold GOLD 001

Durban Poision 95/Changing-Babylon Time Warp-Mistermen Vol 3

So Many Tears/Burning Bridges-White Lightning-Pioneer Records PT 01

Ready For Dead/Hyper-DJ Devine + Essence-Production House 066

Deep in the Jungle-DJ Rap rmx-Aphroditie 16

Selector Bwoy rmxs-Krust and Roni Size-Dope Dragon 001

Legend/Sunny Smiles-Dextrous-King of the Jungle KJL 6

Everman (repress)-Kenny Ken-Rugged Vinyl

Exodus EP-Mark X-Kemet 009
-Exidus/Time/Rerelease/Bonus Beat

Revelation EP-Mark X-Kemet 005
-Truth/Don’t throw Your Life Away/Love for the World/Bonus Beat

Words of Wisdom/Artificial Reality-Remarc-State of Art 001

Jungle Fever/Have No Fear-Potential Bad Boy-Ibiza 10 inch IRO 36

Love and Light-???-Congo Natty Love and Light 001

Seed EP-Mark X-Kemet
-Seed/Box Reopened/Vibe Out rmx/Original Rudebwoy Tune

Can’t Hold Back/12 O’clock Drop-Ascend-Second Movement 5

Borderline EP-Various-Kemet and 3RD Party 001
-Screwface/Jungle Love/Champion of Champions/Bonus Beat

Oh Gosh rmx/Solitare/Infinity-Heavy Weight-Channel 5 Records 03

The License/Ruffneck Scouts-Krome and Time-Tearin Vinyl 002

Ragga Jungle Anthems Vol1-Various-Greensleeves

The Return/Limb by Limb instrumental-Bizzy B and SS-Suburban Base 059r

We Nah Ease Up/Nasty-Shy Fx-Simple Tings

Revelation EP-Various-Kemet 007
-Love for the World rmx/Dreams/Learning from My Brother/Bonus Beat

Passing Me By (Pharside rmx)-Unknown-Decibel Records 001

Deep Cover EP-The Guyver-Reinforced
-Coming Alive/The Whip/Musical Flavor/Feel

Treat All Girls Right/One More Stripe-Mark X-3rd Party 008

Noise Gate/Illusions-Noise Gate-Future Vinyl 008

Thunderclap/Menace-Remarc-Whitehouse 044

Zanzibar rmx/Jungle rmx-Simon Bassline Smith-Rogue Trooper 30

Twilight Zone rmxs-Bay B Kane-Kickman 14

Eternity VIP/Doping-Madbones-Quayside 18

Gal Wine Junglist Grind-Chakademus and Pliers-Greensleeves promo

Hotter Junglematical Style/Jungle Tempo-Redrose-Greensleeves

New Something EP-Various-3rd Party 05
-Future II rmx/Jungle Maffin/Supreme Knowledge/Breakage #7

Crusher/No Turning Back-DJ Redoo-Smokin Drums 003

Stamina/Warriors-Dream Team-Suburban Base promo 049

Live Good/Feelings-Fusion/Kemet 013

Fire 3 mixes-Urban Shakedown-Labello Blanco 18
-with lion pic sleeve

Murder Dem-Ninja Man-Street Tuff 05

Let Me In-DJ Harmony-Moving Shadow promo 60

Sweetie The Hardest/Don’t Be Shy-Concrete Junglist-Lloydie Crucial 003

???-Dj Hype-Ganja Records 001 promo

Bad Boy/White Rock-Mensa-Tearin Vinyl test press 06

Gonna Be Alright/Feeling Sorry-Darren H and Punisher-Headless Records 002

Jurassic Park/Eye of the Dinosaur-A Sides-Bear Nesessities test press 003

Well Terrible/Concrete Jungle/Hustler-Lenny D Ice-Do or Die 002

Horse Rider/Silence-Dj Dub Rush-Back 2 Back 06

Valley of the Shadows mixes-Origin Unknown-Ram 16

Ragga Jungle Anthems vol 2-Various-Greensleeves


Kunta/Wanted-Black Man-Shut up and Dance SM 004

???-Unknown-Flex Records test press 008

Dangerous-DJ Ron-London Sumpin promo 01

Gangster/Feelin Inside/London Girls-Time Square-Ibiza Records 44

Mind Body and Soul rmx/Dark Side of the Jungle-DJ Hype-Soapbar 12R

Natural Born Killer/Cosmic Jam-Atomic Dog-Deep Thought 001

Unknown 4 tracker-The Foot Soldier-Blipton Factor Records blue marble vinyl 002

???-???-HRR 001

All Massive mixes-Darren H and Punisher-Boom Tunes test press 005

Vampire-Professor G-AB 001

You Must Think First rmx/Computerized Cops-DJ Hype-Ganja 005

Jah Sunshine-X Project-Lion 005

Code Red mixes-Conquering Lion-Mango

X Files/Paradise-Dj Creation-Rogue Trooper 42

Press Up/Finer Fings-Strictly Dub-Back 2 Back 005

Ricky mixes (repress)-Remarc-Dollar Records 007

Babylon/Heaven-Ellis D-Dee Jay 022


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Kill Dem All/Nile Prophecy-Taone-Pharoah Records 008

The Cure-Collision 2-Chansons Records 002

Jungle Obesssion EP-D Ruffizt-Hi Pois’n 005
-The Vigilante/Love of the Jungle/Jewel of the Jungle/Maximum Ruff

Set Speed rmxs-Krust and SS-V Records 009r

Sound Station/Lost In Sound-Sound Station-Suburban Base promo 54

Champion Sound/Live and Direct-Kid Twist-Liquid Wax Recordings 001

Feelings/Jungle Love part 2-Mark X-3rd Party 09

Championz-DJ K-N20 028

Blue-DJ SS-Formation blue

Murderous Style/Jump-Renegade-Aim 2 Pleeze

Make Love to Me-Lewi and Chopper-Street Tuff 011

Code Black/Word Sound Power/Rastaman-Conquering Lion-Mango Promo

Jungle Rock-Dennis Brown-Street Tuff 015

The Step Up/Enter the Drums-Austin M-Rogue Trooper 32

Something Out there/The Drift-Austin M-Rogue Trooper 31

Strictly Roots (reggae and mash up mixes)-???-Smash and Blag KK 001

Killer Sound Boy/Nitty Gritty-???-Redlight 006

Selecta/Hunt and Seek-???-Redlight promo 009

Self Belief/Sweet Dreams-LJ High-Second Movement 11

Timestretch rmx-Phyzical rmx-Various-V Records 11

???-DJ Phantasy-Wax Works 10inch promo 025

Storm/Calm-Jay Cee-Ibiza 51

African Chant/African Lover-DJ Ron-Rough Tone 008

Hot off D Press/Rebel without Applause-Tax Dodgers-Jet Star wl

??? (R Kelly and Ragga vocals)-???-Jungle JE 001
-Very rare and nice!

Pappa Lover rmxs-General Degree-Street Tuff 10R

Come on Down/Take Me There-Marcelle Moncrieffe-Lloydie Crucial 010

The Vip Mix-Taktix-Back 2 Basics clear vinyl 007R

Smoker/Aint No Man/Just Ganja-Jungle Terrorists-Ragin Spirit 001

Badman/Soundboy-Dj Redneck-Fluid Vinyl 1/16

Jungle Feeling/Raggamental-II Vex Crew-Hard Drive 08

Badman-Black Dog-Urban Jungle 010

Force of Nature/The Resurrection-Chalke-FON 001

Drifting/Give a Little Darkness-GF2-Strictly Jungle 001

Down in the Jungle-DB Haxard-Roar 01T

Can We Change the Future/Infiltrate-Code of Practice-Certificate 18

Babylon Pressure/Well Bad Boy/The Winna-IGI collective-Awesome Records 09

Move Your Body/Last Night-Life-Dark Science 001
-Rare ragga with Coca Cola vocals

River Nile-Prizna-Kickin Underground Sounds promo 010

The Boss EP-Mind Therapy-E3 Records 005

Jungle Book/Jungle Fever-Children of the Jungle-Hard and Pure 101

Who Run Tings/Dubplate-Shy Fx-Simple Tings

I will Always Love You-Soundman-Street Tuff 23T

Power Play EP 1-Various-Formation 044

This is the Year/Infiltrate Dem Bumbaclot-General Malice-Big Cat 05

Champion DJ-Black Star-Lion X1

The Way vip mix-Taktix-Back 2 Basics gold promo 017

Southern Cali/unknown ragga-???-TDK 05

Jungle Love/She Wants a 24/7-Dextrous-Land of the Giants

9MM/The Bomber/Theme From Daddy Arms House-Various-Jungle vs Hardsteppers JM 002

Wicked Evertime/All the Ladies-Jaco-Unity 003

Action-Terror Fabulous-Sam Records

Murder Tune/Loaded With Gunja-Mind Therapy-E3 Records 004

Assassin/Insanity/Sensi-Dj Reflex-Dubtronix 001

Sweetie/Lighter-Bizzy B-Joker promo 03

Screwface mixes-Mark X-3rd Party 10

Body Candone/Lost-AK 47-Deep and Dark 004

Prophet of God/Enchanted-Adam F-Deep Jungle 002

Lovely Feeling/Deep in the Jungle-Aphroditie-Aphroditie 08

Bass 2 Dark/Stepin Hard/Desire-Asylum-Metalheadz 00Dark

Jungle Breeze-Jeep Head-Section 12 002

Down in the Ghetto-Bounty Killer-Greensleeves

Do You Love Reggae Music-Bad Man Wagon-Robs Records

Jungle Da Jungle EP-Mind Therapy-E3 Records 003 promo

Missle Bwoy-DJ Hype-Ganja 002 promo

Gangster Jungle-Cowboy Ranger-Greensleeves

Hearts-???-Mob Handed 002

Code Red 94 rmx-X Project-X Project

Def Squad Lick/Got Da Funk-Buckwild-Jet Star Per 01

Bastards/rmx-Blackman-Redlight 004

Come Inside/Breakage #6/Feel the Magic/Wheel Up-Noise Factory-3rd Party 06

Example EP-Direct to Metal-Street Tuff 8T

Champion tax dodgers rmx-Buju Banton-Jet Star crt 195

String Dem Up-Cutty Ranks-Street Tuff 4

Jungle Heaven-Mindscape-Booby Trap MIND 001

Operation Tek Im/Everthing-De Good De Bad De Ugly-Eezee Records 01

Smoking Studio EP-Various-Crime Time Records 001
-Sensi Crisis/Booyaka Tenament/Herbalist Tenament

Latest Craze-Demolition Man-Sour promo 015

Rasta Youth/Get Flat-Cantankerous-Slammin Vinyl 001

Education/Children of the Ghetto-Private Productions vol 1-Reinforced

Ease Up Yourself/Big Up the DJ-Dj Invisible-Aim 2 Pleeze 002

Music is My Life rmx/Fever-Original vibes-Spinnin Vinyl 04

Basslights-Aphroditie-Aphroditie promo 14

X Amount/Your We Mean-Dj Sparks-Yaw

Rude Boy Inna Jail/Cuttin Jus Fine-Tomba-Pufa 003

Spiritual Aura-Engineers without Fears-Dee Jay 015

Poision/Set Speed-Krust-V Recordings 009

Ease Up Soundbowy-Code 071-Trouble On Vinyl 001

Day and Night-Harri and Eddie-One Touch Records OT 1

Right Sound-???-Pure Vibe 001
-GREAT rollin ragga

Slam (gimme de gal)-Beenie Man-Jet Star dug 002

Everyman-Kenny Ken-Rugged Vinyl 11

Gangster/Sellasie 1-Trinity-Philly Blunt 001 test press from Brian G

The Funk Track/Gun Shot/Boomer-G Force-Mistermen 2

Driftin/Deep Down/Horn Track/Give Me More-G Force-Mistermen 1

Tigerstyle rmx/Mash Up De Place rmx-Ganja Records 006

Mash Up Your Know-Aphroditie-Aladdin 003

Hunt and Seek/New Name-2 G’s-Assassin Records 004

The Original Ride/Prophet-South West Unit-Grass Hopper Records 002

Warning rmxs-Fire fox and 4 Tree-Philly Blunt

Jungleistic Experience-Top Star-Mendoza Records

Lion of Judah/Inah Sound/Dubplate Special-Conquering Lion-X project 03

Dread at the Controls/Dancehall Soundclash-Just Us-Phat Traxx 01

The Crowd Says Rewind-C Bizz-Brain 028

Soran EP-???-Headless promo 003

Natty Music/Jungle-Simon Bassline Smith-Rogue Trooper 12

Slam/Blood Clat-General Malice-Big Cat

Dread Ah Star-Scratch C-Pharoah Records 007

Inah Sound/Outah Sound/King David Dub-Conquering Lion-X Project 002

These Tunes are for trade mainly or really good “”OFFERS””:

Only Play By Bad Boy-Bad Boy-10 inch yellow vinyl

Body Tune Up/Girls Dem Fresh/R Girl rmxs-FT 2-Flying Fish 004

Blackstar LP-Various-Congo Natty with full color pic sleeve via 1994
-This is the rarest of ragga jungle albums and has many vip mixes of tunes: Alpha/Jahovia/Emperor Selassie I/Bingy Man/Kunte Kinte/His Imperial Majesty/Let Jah Be Praised/Champion DJ/Sound Clash Dub/Alaska Ride/Get Wild/Million. This is just amazing album.

Don’t Dis/Run Riddim-Sherlock Dreadlock-Slam Records 006

Tribute to Babyface Ragga-Various-Labello Blanco BF 001
-Rebel with a Cause/The Dreamer/Big Up. Has awesome pic sleeve!

Surround Sound Vol1-DJ Rescue-Come 001
-RARE mash up from germany. Awesome!

Jungle Massive Vol3-Various-Labello Blanco
-All of these are VIP mixes only on this best of albums: Ganja Man/Express Yourself/War In 94/Bass Lights/Music is so Special/Inner City/Fire/Say Im Your No1

Latest Lick EP-Ruthless-Redskins 003
-Guns Out/Love So Real/Need for Weed/Bonus

Good Body Girl-Major Popular-Jet Star SP 1001

The Reward/Jack of Spades-Cleanhead-Ruffian 001

???-???-Boom Tunes 004
-Smoking EP!

Yard Rave/Get Hyper-Dreadi Knight-Global Syndicut
-TIGHT TIGHT tunes. Very rare unknown!

Ruff and Rugged/Ganja Feel-Helen T-Strictly Jungle 002

Look Good Girl-DIY Crew-Boom Tunes 007

Funny How Time Flys-Doctor Jay and DJ Rush Puppy-Firm Handed Records 10 inch 002

My Sound/Whos There-Frankie Paul-Jet Star scj 001

Bazooka-Dollar Don Paul-Jet Star 010

Ganga Lee-Louie Culture-Jet Star 005 rj

Money Man-Horace Andy-Metamorphisis 008

Guntalk LP-Marvellous Cain-Suburban Base LP 03
-CB 4/Guntalk/Jump Up/45 Clip/Babaloo/Love Is Burning/Creep/Hitman album mix

Gimme De Weed/Pirates-Ron Tom-Metamorphisis

Junglist Hooligan EP-Steevie Hyper D-Made In London 001
-Boomshakalack/Rough Step

Big Up Your Chest/Don Man In the Dance-The Underworld-Fist 2 Fist 004

Feelin/Zero-RAW-Assassins 001

Time Clash (Tenor Saw vocal)/Obsession-Clean Head-Ruffian 002

Summertime rmx/Southern California rmx-unknown-TDK 007

Whatever/Feel So Good-The Mafia-Black Handed 002 promo

To the Rescue-Studio 1-Jungle Mania Records 001

Tel’embodanustyle/Dreader Than Dred-Soundmurderer-Rewind 001 red vinyl

Take a Lick/Pushing Me-DJ Bass-FB 001

Beat Breakdown-Various-Bluntly Speaking Vinyl (Suburban Base)
-This has 11 classic and rare breaks and 21 samples. Never seen this for sell before. Great samples and a collectors item

Dibby DJ/Jungle Pressure-DJ Invisible-Aim 2 Pleeze 004

Jungle Fever-Double D-Double D 001
-Has Steevie Wonder “Jungle Fever” vocal.

Satisfied/Intramental mix-RAW-Assassin Records 002

Ruff Junglist EP-FT Flying-Flying Fish 05
-Wickedest Ting/Gunshot/Junglist Sunshine/Tease Me Up

Studio II EP-Studio II-Redskins Records 004
-Studio 2/Get Burn

Hold it Down/Modeller-Greenwood-Inner City Dance 001
“Funny how time flys by when your having fun” vocal. Rare and classic.

Informer EP-Goldseal Crew-Goldseal -09
-Cutty Ranks “Informer Dem” vocal. Three tracks.

It’s a Shame/Ruffcut-Lionist-Slam Records 04

Body Tune Up/rmx/Gonna Make a Chance/R Girl-DJ FT-Flying Fish 02

Dancehall Junglist/Bad Boy Talk-Slam Records 001

We Run Tings/Drugs-Tarzan-Running Records 001

Unknown 4 track EP-Goldseal-Goldseal 010

Jungle Warrior-N ZO and DJ Invisible-Aim 2 Pleeze 003

Action Man-Joe 90-Elm In the Jungle 001

Me God Me King-Carl De Junglist-LINK 015

Feel the Fire-Ricochet-Rampant Records 001 Collection for Sell.doc
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