The tracks that every drum'n'bass lover should know


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Hi all, this is my first post on this amazing forum (except the "introduce yourself" one of course) !!
The main purpose of the topic is to collect those tracks that make "drum and bass" what it actually is.
I'm just not talking about the most popular ones, but those that represent this genre independently from the amount of copy that they sold.
I discovered DnB 2 years ago, but I had never listened to it so frequently until now, so I can't define myself as an expert, on the contrary I am a sort of neophyte.
So I appeal to those who really know every facet of it.
Thanks to the "New to drum & bass?" topic I discovered lots of subgenres that I never heard before (except for liquid and dark) so now I would explore this genre in the best way!
I hope that this topic could grow and became a reference to all of us!
Thanks in advice guys and thanks for the time you have already spent to make this community what actually is!


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I think you just don't get the purpose of the topic asd
Or maybe I have done something wrong
Na man, we're just having a laugh...

Theres been loads of these threads so people tend to have a joke when they're done for the millionth time...

You weren't to know though, just try the search engine ;)


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now don't be down ya'll.
you've given us a few laughs. we like that.

a serious response to your question.... dnb has been about since the early 90's. there has been so many tunes out each year that every dnb lover should know. trying to replicate how important each track was now apposed to at the time they came out will be an exercise in futility. besides, the classics have been rinsed to fuck over the years and some of them no longer hold as much weight as they once did.
but if you want to hear how dnb has evolved and learn about some classic tunes then this
isn't the worst place you could start.