The Toxic EP (CONTAM005) Feat. SPL & Nocturnal Remixes OUT NOW


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The Toxic EP (CONTAM005)

After a short break Contaminated are back with their 5th release. The Toxic EP, aimed strictly at the dance floor, this EP features remixes from bad boys SPL and Nocturnal of two past Contaminated tracks and two fresh tracks from the talented up and coming French Duo Katharsys.

A. Masheen & Sleeper Cell - Physical Reality (SPLs Meltdown Mix)
SPL steps up for the remix duty of the very first release on Contaminated. Sticking firmly to the sound of the original roller SPL adds his own touch of magic with pounding drums and full on dirtiness.

B. Katharsys - Night Terror
Deep synths rolling out through the intro soon turn day into night where the terror is unleashed in the form of rip roaring basslines and tough rolling beats. Dont turn out the lights at night as the Night Terror demon is out there!

C. Nphonix - Victimology (Nocturnal Remix)Hitting your bass bins hard and taking your brain victim comes Nocturnals retake on this already disgusting track from Nphonix. Super sub bass and crisp cutting beats will not disappoint the deeper heads on this one.

D. Katharsys - JupiterFlying outer space on a truly epic journey towards the planets that surround us you are soon landing smack bang on Jupiter. Tough synth stabs, hard punching subs and extreme beats kick you hard in the teeth.

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