The Things You Own, End Up Owning You - 2 New Tracks

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I'll be honest here:

Paper Street:
The basses are too static for my taste. I mean, you could detune some oscs in the synth you're using to make them phase and give them movement. Also, the snare have too much reverb, IMO.
Otherwise, the sub is nicely placed and sound pretty good as well. And the intro ambiance is spot on!

Back 2 Back:

Very futuristic feel to it, I like that! But the lead synth seems a bit off to me. I mean, it should sound right in the feel of the track, but somehow it sounds like something that shouldn't be there, you know what I mean? Maybe this would work with something more "futuristic inspired", like the rest of the track.

Those were my $.02.

Keep it up, man!