The Squatters Monthly Mix Episode 14 (iTunes Podcast) - Guest Mix From the Starfucker

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    Duration: 120mins
    Genre: House/Electro/Progressive


    This month The Squatters bring you another big beat mix of all their top tunes from their sets at the moment and exclusive tracks they have been sent from the producers circle. Alongside this they have a very special and rare guest mix and interview from Australian electro sensations the "Starfuckers". Not forgetting the distinctive Squatters banter about the adventures they've been on recently and studio chat to fill you in on what they get up to on a monthly basis..

    Tune in and TURN IT UP.

    The Squatters Monthly Mix


    MYD - Freak Andy
    Paul Morrell & Katherine Ellis ft. Dan W - No Trouble (Hoxton Whores Whore House Remix)
    Speakerbomb - Hard Bounce
    Futuristic Polarbears - Jetlag
    Clockwork - Surge
    Ming DJ - Bandwagon
    George Acosta - We Got This
    Spencer and Hill - Pump It Up
    Feed Me - Death by Robot
    Pink Fluid - Wanna Do
    Zedds Dead & Omar Linx - Cowboy (Torro Torro mix)
    Starfuckers - Rewind

    Gone But Not Forgotten Track - Foamo - Moving it over here (Will Bailey Remix)

    Whats Your Status? & Guest Mix- Starfuckers

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