'The Spectrum Sessions' Line Up Announced>>>

Osmosisbeats.com presents 'The Spectrum Sessions' Live on www.witnessthesickness.com every wednesday 8-10pm.

Wednesday 17th August:-

Unknown Error (TOV Music/Renegade Hardware)

illistrate (osmosisbeats.com)

Blade (HighgradeUK)

Now i'm sure there have been 1000's of threads regarding internet radio shows, there seems to be more stations than you can shake a mouse at nowadays.

'The Spectrum Sessions' is trying to make a difference for the good and progression of DNB.

We have been lookin at certain aspects of the industry and one of the major issues that sticks out is that it can be very hard as a DJ to get recognition if you don't produce.

The same applies as a producer, the scene is so flooded with peoples beats it becomes hard for budding hedz to get their work heard, and not get thrown in the basket with the rest.


Producers can aim their work to osmosisbeats. Bewteen shows with the help of the trained ear of unknown error we will choose he cream of the crop and feature it in the following weeks show.

DJ's can send in their sets, again over the week between shows a winner will be decided and they will then have the opportunity to play a slot on the following weeks show.

Other show features include weekly top ten releases as compiled by Unknown Error (TOV Music/Renegade Hardware)

An of course there will be 2 hours of the finest liquid and soul tearing filth..

So if you DJ/Producer or jus love the music, crank ya amp and get locked..