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    Hello and hugs from H8Records, Russia! Below i offer you to listen to the demo versions of The SOI (The Sounds Of Infinity group, Moscow) STILL HERE debut album tracks.

    If you like the album, you can order one for yourself at

    tracklisting in MP3 format:

    1 - -- Pianology
    2 - Stop Loving U.mp3 -- Can't Stop Loving U
    3 - -- Freedom, live vocal
    4 - Tears.mp3 -- My Tears
    5 - -- Connection
    6 - -- Molecula, ANTIKILLER-2 the movie trailer official soundtrack
    7 - -- Android
    8 - World.mp3 -- Wonder World
    9 - Its Gonna B.mp3 -- What's It Gonna Be
    10 - -- Latina
    11 - After Love.mp3 -- Life After Love (feat.AG), live guitars by A.G.
    12 - -- Freedom (exclusive STA remix), live vocal

    The SOI is the group world-wide famous Paul B (Step2Zero, DSCI4, Renegade Hardware...) has started his music career in.

    The SOI is the group world-wide famous STA (Step2Zero, DSCI4, Renegade Hardware...) is saying "these guys have done a great album and they have got a great potential" about.

    The SOI music is something you can listen to right now and write us your very own opinion!

    And also has accepted ALL the tracks of The SOI album for their Internet radiostation.

    If you're a promoter from any country and would love to book The SOI for your party - i'd be glad to see your email in my box:

    respect to all the world's junglists

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