THE SMASH BROS. : Winter 2008 Promo Mix


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Sep 22, 2007

320 Mp3 139 MB

128 Mp3 55.5 MB



1. Noah D Feat. Anthony B- Good Sound [Benny Page RMX]
2. Original Sin- D is for Danger
3. Xample- Lowdown
4. Subfocus- Time Warp
5. Shock One- Way You Move
6. Clipz- Push It Up [TC RMX]
7. Alter Ego- About Time
8. Ebony Dusters- Power of Ra [G Dub RMX]
9. Samurai- Gospel Truth
10. Xample- The Experiment
11. Metrik- Zero Gravity
12. Wire- Alien Halloween Disco
13. Rregula- Run
14. Prolix- Static Shock
15. State Of Mind & Chris SU- Hoodoo
16. Shimon- The Damned
17. G Dub- Beast City [Original Sin VIP]
18. Taxman- Original Ninja
19. Original Sin- Decibel
20. MC Spyda- My Story
21. Terravita- Subliminal Square Dance
22. Simon Bassline Smith- Rock Your Body
23. The Qemists- Lost Weekend [Got Your Money RMX]
24. Metrik- Technicolour
25. Terravita- Adult Robot Kung Fu VIP


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Jan 12, 2008
A, A
you aint the smash bros. me dj hannibal are you mug, stop ripping are good name. we have been running for years


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Sep 22, 2007
LOL Seriously man? You got tracks out and shit? I can't find a mix by you from before 2008. Google gives you no love. I've been doin' work in Denver since 2000. I could really give a damn if a couple of fools in Southhampton run a production company under that name. Why don't you download the mix or GTFO.


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Oct 1, 2006
sick mix mate downloaded ages ago but its good!

an dj ardy ur a dick an so is hannibal so shut the fuck up!
dj hannibal back in the game woith andy an fruction style mixin!lol
wat a gimp!


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Sep 22, 2007
smash brothers is crystal clear and rhythm beater production alias??????????????

Looks like they have picked up the name too LOL. We beat 'em to it by a few years, but once again I don't really see a conflict between them and us. Who'd imagine ripping a name from a Nintendo game would be be so popular :rolleyes:

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