The Scythe - Damm now thats a pimped body shell


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Jul 3, 2005
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The Scythe - Damm now thats a pimped body shell

Beau Boechman revealed the Scythe to the world at a charity event that was a hub for many B grade celebrities. The Scythe is extremely garish to look at. Why they would make a vehicle with two steering wheels, 1,005 horsepower and a face like a cicada is a mystery to all. After all, the crew at GAS is famous for making awesome customizations on Pimp My Ride. "With Scythe, we set out to showcase all of our unique fabrication abilities here at GAS," Boeckmann said in press release. "From the handmade composite body and voice-activated on-board computer system to the twin-supercharged 1,005 horsepower engine, this car was built to make a statement." It all sounds good, but looks horrendous. I can't imagine anyone looking in admiration at this car. It features a voice-activated Shuttle XPC computer that, connected to a 3-G network, provides real-time traffic, news and weather updates. This is great, but why not pay a little more attention to the exterior? It also has flush-mounted exterior security cameras.

The Scythe looks nothing more than a big Hotwheels car.
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