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Mar 8, 2003
between a low hum and a high whine
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Yo'all know Tech Itch's "The Rising" right,
I was at the long forgoten site of Tech Itch rec. and found a link to the site of Subwave (you know, Russian guys,released a 12" on Tech Itch), where they said that theyve done a remix of "The Rising". There was a link to an audio clip, but every time i tryed to connect, the homepage of the Russian version of hotmail would appear asking me to register and squash the cappitalists....honest!
I know is gonna be released on Moving Shadow, but any kind of info or audio would be appreciated.......:afro:
'Akin 'ell Axi !!!!
Fat mix !!:slayer: To be honest didnt feel much the 3 tunes after the "Rising", which by the way rocks, def moreinteligent than the original. After "Speed demon" the mix just gud. Good skills too. And it sounds like its hand mixed, which is miles better than cheeky studio mixes........
Got traklist??
1 Tech Itch - Rising (Subwave rmx)
2 Sta & Paul B - On The Run
3 Bulletproof - Seige
4 Wrisk & Mackie - G-Step
5 Accidental Heroes - Can U Feel It (Trace & Ryme Tyme rmx)
6 Paul B & Subwave - Break Through
7 Baron - Speed Demon
8 Rawthang - Epilogue VIP
9 Ill.Skillz - Universal Machines
10 Kaos, Karl K & JK - All Night Long
11 SKC - Lobotomy
12 Paul B & Dissident - Technecium
13 - 10 Forward
14 Paul B & Subwave - Something Sick

if you have realplayer check out his other mixes

Paul b - Nuborn Pt. 2
Paul b - Nuborn Pt. 3
Paul b - Nuborn Pt. 4

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