The Return of Sonic and Silver


SONIC and SILVER have recorded music for some of the biggest labels in the Drum & Bass scene, such as Metalheadz, Virus Recordings, Timeless, Renegade Hardware, V Records, Digital Soundboy, Infrared, Reinforced, Soul:r, React, T.O.V., Space Recordings, Bad Company, L Plates, Science Fiction, Industry, Chronic, Dsci4 and many more.

2007 is a year that is set to truly show people the extent of musical quality that SONIC and SILVER possess and below is the reason why...

SONIC and SILVER - 2007 Bookings now being taken!!!

Tour 1
Space Recordings presents "The Return of Sonic and Silver"

Also known as ‘The Accidental Heroes’, the duo was formed in early 1999 in South Manchester, England. Sonic and Silver have been everywhere – in terms of labels, and geographically speaking. From Virus to Timeless they’ve created music that defies categorisation. However, they are perhaps most famous for two styles in particular – the house-influenced sound which they helped develop with J Majik in 2001, and their many dub-influenced tunes they released on labels such as Reinforced and Metalheadz.

With seminal tracks such as Sonic’s anthem ‘Even When It Rains’ on Infrared, 'Rocket Launcher' on Virus and 'Under the Sun' on Soul:R, Sonic and Silver are once again back, in a big way! With Sonic coming to Los Angeles, where Silver is now based, a new project has begun. The two Mancunian lads are coming back with a statement bolder than ever before: ‘The Return of Sonic & Silver’ LP/EP series on Space Recordings. They will once again tour the world together, bringing on the sounds that only they know how.

The first EP in the series is already setting the scene alight with Silver’s massive ‘Tronik House’ and Sonic’s equally murderous ‘House Is a Way of Life’. That house-influenced sound that Sonic & Silver are famous for is taken to all new levels of impact. This EP has been receiving support on BBC Radio 1 from Grooverider and Fabio, on 1Xtra by Baliey, L Double and Flight and by DJs across the world.

Want to be part of the tour? Then please contact Mike on:
0044 (0)7970 351 417

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Jungle Hunter
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Didn't relasie they we're getting together again now this is defo a good thing as some of their older tracks under 'The Accidental Heroes' such as M16 we're sick as fook!


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I like that record. Unfortunatly the last time I heard something by them it wasn't very good. I like the stuff coming out of the techno scene at the moment, lots of nice retro 1991 stuff and naughty naughty-like bootlegs of 1991 tracks.