The Renewed:Refocused (First Cycle and Blue Skies)

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    My latest editions of Blue Skies and the First Cycle are up an running on my page..

    I added new vocal snippits to both tracks.
    Making the tunes more energetic at parts where it seemed to lag a bit..

    Both tunes are ultra intense in nature. So I just built on its intensity till the track and the human brain could not take it anymore..


    I dont fucking play with my songs. And these tunes are ment to take you places.. Dark and sinister places for some, nirvana for others..
    It really does what few tracks do.. It makes you zone out so hard you lose track of time and your conciousnes slips...
    You start hearing voices.. Good or bad? who knows. What I know for sure is that I didnt put those voices in there. So I guess I broke a sonic barrier working on them..

    enjoy them with your favorite stoned snack..



    (if you want a 320kbs copy to play out, PM me)