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Apr 10, 2003
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Ezzee all as we've all heard & seen in the past few months there has been a massive outbreak of old classics, upfront releases getting the remix duties. What I was wondeing is who do you think is the best remixer/s within the business.
I've gotta say Total Science always consistent with each release & have been in the game for so long they know what there doing!!
Yeah - John B and High Contrast are the nuts when it comes to remixes.

Origin Unknown always knock out a tuff re-lick, Simon Bassline Smith gets props too. Dillinja canes out tight re-fixes too!

Even though he never finishes ’em - BadAce smashes it with his remixes (Mutationz Rock Hard / Lighter rmx / Electronic Funk (future Prophecies) / Some Justice 03 an Original Jungle Sound (DUTTY work in progress).
Dillinjaaaaa!!!!!! His remix of that Basement Jaxx tune is the sickness :slayer:
High Contrast and Calibre all the way for me

btw stu, that dili mix of lucky star is :dutty: its jus like "waiiiiiit for it, here comes the filthy dillinja switch..............there it is"
DJ Seduction

His remix of Moby's "Into the Blue" was so awesome!

Actually it still is. o_O
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dillinja,john b, calibre, high contrast,
it has in my eyes been the year of the rmx, i read in knowlage (not the most reliable sourse in the world) that high contrast has remixed some rock track, anyone know shit about that?

high contrast always comes correct with the remixing business ...
altho C4C also deserve some props for the remixes they've been doing imo!
1992 said:
DJ Seduction

His remix of Moby's "Into the Blue" was so awesome!

Actually it still is. o_O

Ah yeah I remember that from my hardcore days, great track!

Roni Size has done some corkers, but also some that weren't so great.

Ray Keith has done some great ones too like
Orbital - Chime
Roni Size - Siren Sounds
Roni Size - Physical
But I have to say I'm not too down with the R&B style ones that have been out lately, I guess they've been more in line with the original tracks which I don't like.
Have to agree that Total Science are quality for remixes
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