the reece/virus screamer bass?


I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
for all producers relying on software:
how do you make it?

im thinking a three layer type deal,
1: strickly low freqs, lots of lowpass, a little overdrive and a small bit of compression
2: midrange layer probably a square type osc, grainy dist, high threshold compression and perhaps a small amount of ring modulation
3: large highpass with the crackliest dist you can find

eq the thing to where you want it and mash the layers together with a compressor (or maybe a hardlimiter?)

any other techniques?

its all very theoretical right now cos i havent been at my desktop studio for quit a while now. (im like cooking lots of food right now cos i have nowhere else to channel my creativity haha)

anyone with the real hardware please whip us up a batch of long note samples please oh please?
distortion plug-ins

i don't know what software you're using, but for ProTools TDM nothing beats AmpFarm by Line6 for distortion plugins. If you're running a native program, I recommend SansAmp. I don't remember who makes it.

I also like the Logic Bitcrusher, which comes with Logic. It's real good for those Atari-esque sounds.
I using Antares Tube

Also you can get some really cool distortion using a compressor plugin like Waves C1... really low thresh, near 0 attack, 0 decay, top ratio = DIRTY distortion :monkey:



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DIsFuNCtioN said:

Good work man, this is exactly what I neeeed...
Please, everybody else contribute and maybe tell us how you make them...

And one thing disfunction, if I'm hearing correctly the reeces are paned ? That, to me, isn´t a possitive thing.

they were recorded in stero from the virus....if there is panning the virus did it..

just convert to mono left or right dependind on ya likin]
my theory was definitely not right albeit maybe not that far off. i make my reeces by generating noise in cooledit and then tweaking it. or some shit. im highly abstract with reece generation. theres a reece in every sample. ive got a tune coming up soon, you can check out the results so youll know im not bullshitting.

looking forward to checking those samples my friend. ill take a look at your tune too. asap.
I like Vintage Warmer and Nitro for distortion (and Nitro does loads of other cool shit too), I usually go for sawtooth waves, usually with pwm and then just distort and limit it to buggery.


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