The Raving Religion....

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    Please do take 2 mins to check this out, as it's awesome.

    It’s simple, the clue is in the name… This is not your typical music group, it’s a ‘Raving Religion’.

    The Facebook page has not only grown, it has gone viral and has taken over the musical Facebook surfers.

    On the page you’ll find lots of cool pics, event info and more importantly the very best of dance music…. mainly D&B.

    The ‘Raving Religion’ has a number of heavily talented DJ’s & producers behind it. Many of which have published podcast’s on SoundCloud

    As I’ve said…. it’s a religion….. so if you’re a proper raver, ‘like’ the page and follow them on SoundCloud…. I certainly am.


    Facebook page:-

    SoundCloud page:-