The Prodigy - Poison

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Good tune but my fav on that album is "No Good" and "voodoo people". They should have used "Voodoo people" in the Scooby Doo motion picture, it would have fit the theme perfectly :-/
And a shame that Prodigy are producing material that's utter wank now
Fat of the Land album wasn't that bad. I don't know what they're doing now though. Even if its shit I'll buy their next album. Speaking of the Prodigy I scored a Prodigy T-shirt off ebay this past summer. It advertises the fat of the land album but its still excellent :2thumbs:
Yeah, no good and voodoo people are dope too.

But like Scam said, they are pretty wank these days, shame really. Their image is stupid too.
Unless if they're releasing non electronic rap or rock now I doubt I could ever hate them. Before Fat of the Land came out people were saying it was the worst piece of music they ever heard... and yet I don't think it was _that_ bad. So hopefully its the same way with this new album.
Be prepared for your worst fears to come true mate. They've turned into Limp Bizkit :cry:

Saw 'em live at Leeds this year and I've never felt so embarrassed for a performer. 60,000 people- they play a couple of new tracks, and... nothing. They drop Poison... place goes mental! One of the maddest mosh pits I've ever been in. I had to rescue this girl next to me out of it cos it was too much for her.

Then back to the new rock stuff. Nothing. They even went to the crowd "C'mon Leeds! make some noise!" to which someone replied "We would if you weren't shit"

It was honestly cringeworthy.... :thumbsd:
It's a damn shame, they're just trying to be gay little rockers.
Replacing the music for make up and silly haircuts
Keith flint might be scary if he wasn't a circus midget
voodoo people was amazing!! think its sumthing to do that they gone off to do own thing and not into the whole prodigy thing no more.....liam howlett did the dirt chamber sessions too didnt ...bit disappointing. think his rock thing has anything to do with appleton single?? lol
Can remember a few years back, the Prodigy were all lined up to play at some big outdoor rave, then when they found out it was a hardcore/jungle techno revival do, they pulled at the last minute... Talk about denying your roots!!
what happened to this forum going crazy over the two new singles?
(by the way, did anyone listen to the unreleased version of the new album that was leaked last year? It sounds a lot more like older prodigy, although they've redone all those tracks now)
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