The Prodigy - Live @ BBC Radio 1 [2009/01/12]


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Apr 22, 2007

The Prodigy - 'Invaders Must Die' (Cooking Vinyl)
Chase And Status - 'Against All Odds' (Ram)
Bloc Party - 'One Month Off' (Wichita)
Feed Me - 'The Spell' (Mou5trap)
Public Enemy Vs Zinc - '138 Noise' (White Label)
White Lies - 'To Lose My Life' (Fiction)

First Record The Prodigy Ever Bought
The Specials - 'Gangsters' (Crysalis)

Hottest Record In The World
The Prodigy - 'The Omen' (Cooking Vinyl)

Method Man - 'Release Yo Delf' (Prodigy Remix) (White Label)
Tommy Sparks - 'I'm A Rope' (Electric Eyeball)
Dorp - 'London Out There' (Caned And Able)
Slipknot - 'Duality' (Roadrunner)
Jay Z - '99 Problems' (Roc-A-Fella)

15 Minutes To Rave
The Prodigy - 'Android' (Cooking Vinyl)
Dominator - 'Human Resource' (White Label)
The House Crew - 'Keep The Fire Burning' (Production House)
Justice - 'Phantom Part II' (Soulwax Mix) (Ed Banger)
Dizzee Rascal - 'Sirens' (XL)

Tenor Saw - 'Ring The Alarm' (Relentless)
Metronomy - 'A Thing For Me' (Because Music)
Big Daddy Kane - 'Death Of Kane' (Warners)
Hijack - 'Hold No Hostage' (Potty Mouth)

Prodigy Soundclash
Keith: Meat Beat Manifesto - 'Radio Babylon' (PIAS)
Maxim: Urban Shakedown - 'Some Justice' (Urban Shakedown)
Liam: Egyptian Empire - 'The Horn Track' (Ffrreeedom)

Rage Against The Machine - 'Vietnow' (Sony)

Prodigy's Winter Warmer
Turbo Fruits - 'Volcano' (ARK Recordings)

Queens Of The Stone Age - 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer' (Vertigo)

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Sep 5, 2008
Cheers ya jungle hustler

Hang on.....Prodigy live?.....doing what spinning guitar tunes lol, Bloc party "one month off".......not feeling that man........i need to open my mind evidently :)
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