The Post TOV (06/06) Thread


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Nov 29, 2001
Excellent night!

Most impressed with Dieselboy, wicked DJ :)

Friction was on form as usual, plenty of double drops!

Nice to meet Mackie and Nexxi aswell! Pendulum pulled out a good set, he even dropped Vault :spliff:

Photos on the photos page, Mike's camera had a fit and lost some pictures unfortunatly, we'll have two cameras at Hardware Vs Valve.

Look out for M-Code's full review of the night, watch this space!!
Boh! It was a very good night!! Every dj slammed it hard, bringing teh dubs propah. As much as I love vault, i never want to hear it again :O

Bigup sdm for driving, and triple m for bringing substandard photographic equipment :gun:, shouts to nexxi and sam the dancer too :D, not forgetting bobby rewind - that was a stirling performance during frictions set :lol:

Bring on valve vs hardware @ teh coronet :slayer:
Top night indeed! :D

Wicked to see Pendulum and Dieselboy over in the UK at last, both excellent sets.
All the dj's seemed on form. Friction luvin it as asways!

Big up all the new faces we met on the night!

Sorry for not sticking up more photos, camera seemed to moaning abit that night! :(

Hold tight for the next one :slayer:
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