The post pictures of your cat thread


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This is Rusko, he left home December's 17, didn't come home that night. We found him dead in the roadside 2 days later. And that was the last time I cried.

Looking at this makes me so fucking sad, you guys have no idea how I loved this piece of fur. He used to fall asleep on my chest, with his head on my neck during winter. It was cold so it was awesome to have him with me.

Everyday after school, I was arriving home and he was on the window waiting for me. Wouldn't stop till I gave him food.

His favourite place to nap was my lap. He had the whole couch just for him, but he was always on the floor looking at me, waiting for me to sit on the couch so he could come to my lap and sleep.

Ok now I'm sad. I miss my cat.


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Aight.... so if we're gonna be posting up more... ill just going to go ahead and win thread. and murder you all down with cuteness followed by raw badman ting....

Albert as a Kitten... this is at the house where we picked him up...

Couple weeks later

Albert after going for a swim... yep he used to like water... not so much anymore

Time for some murkage..... training Albert to be a badman ting....

These aretn my cats at all.... but a load of cats from on Holiday.... stroked one that evening... literally... only stroked 1 of the fukers.... opened the curtain the next morning to find this!!

so bought them some cat food....