The Paradise Factory

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    Jun 15, 2007
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    Anyone from manchester thinkin of checkin this its run by the people who do warehouse its on for about 6 months while the warehouse is shut i think. The Dnb line ups look alright.

    Jan 25th - High Contrast, Logistics, Skream, Kode 9, Rich Reason, Bass Camp DJs

    Feb 15th - Ape: Andy C, Wax on Records present Wax Da Jam, Nightmares on Wax Sound, System feat; DJ EASE, Ricky Ranking, Chyna B & Ella May, Guts, Gelka, Negghead, Prophecy & Mark OD, Rich Reason

    Feb 29th - Metropolis: Friction, Fresh, Randall, Soul:ution, Marcus Intalex, Commix, Clipz, MCs: SPMC, Tonn Piper, Switch

    Lookin forward to seein Andy C, & Friction again and i havent seen Fresh in a few years