'The Pack' : Liquid n Atmopsheric slow burner inc. Mutt, Eveson, Fizzy Beats etc

Put this selection together during what must have been the hottest weekend ever recorded in Cyprus, so starts off pretty deep n chilled out then the energy level increases as the breaks jump on in the second half. Expect loads of deep rollin' bass lines, atmospheric touches, funky drum work with some occasional vocals ....

... anyway, music talks for itself, enjoy and please leave a comment if you listened :)

downloadable : >> free download file : 138Mb : 320kbps CBR mp3 >>

01. Mutt & Paul SG (feat. Blue Motion) : Methany
02. Mutt & Generic : Art of Forgetting
03. Eveson : So Fine
04. Eveson : The Alchemist
05. Paul SG & Blue Motion (feat. MsDos) : Losing Brave
06. Eveson : Found A Groove
07. Subz & Slare : Knucklecurse
08. Big Bud : Biggest Bhuddist
09. Calibre & ST Files : Devil Inside
10. Mr. Joseph : So High
11. Mutt, Generic & Kevin King : Forget
12. Eveson : Get Your Swerve On
13. Mr. Joseph : Sexy Lady
14. Mutt : Draw On Me
15. Eveson : Fantasize
16. Andy Skopes : Break It Down You Fool
17. Mutt : Kush Talk
18. Slare : Blue Sky
19. Paul T : Beautiful Girl
20. Artificial Intelligence (feat. DRS) : Blind Eye
21. Eveson : Brooklyn
22. Big Bud : Soul On Fire
23. Artificial Intelligence & D-Bridge : Three's A Crowd

stream : http://soundcloud.com/oria/the-pack
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cheeky bump. Really want some feedback on this mix as whilst i know it isn't perfect, it is a fair reflection on what i do. I might be wrong side of 30 but i would appreciate some pointers on moving forward to improve my sets. So point out some (of the many !!) mistakes, tell me how bad they are on a scale of 1 (turn off immediately) to 10 (brock out) ...
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Nice set of tunes mate. I notice that you let alot of the tunes "slip" once you brought them in and you end up chasing them. Probably by "nudging" them along to catch up.

You are lucky to be based in Cyprus, I spent x2 years out there in 91-92, best time of my life!:D

All good.
Nice set of tunes mate.
that is half the battle !
.. a lot of the tunes "slip" once you brought them in and you end up chasing them ..
sigh, yep, lol. i think probably bringing them in too early to attempt to keep it moving along, i need to chill and wait for the accurate beat matching to mix in 100% clean rather than squeeze extra tracks in !?
You are lucky to be based in Cyprus.
It sure has its moments but for a local non 4x4 music scene, it is dead, all about trance, house or greek.

Thanks for taking the time to comment - muchly appreciated


interested to know if anyone likes the selection ? follows the vibe of the mix from track to track ? but main question is how listenable are the blends overall ?

Its has been about 15 months since i got back into the DnB so any honest feedback on how/what/where is going well/wrong would be awesome.

ok - last bump (honest) :D