Label The "Ogonek EP" Is Available Now [T3K025]

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    This release contains three damagers by one of the longtime activists
    of Drum N Bass in Eastern Europe called Ogonek:
    this guy is one of the founders of the DNB-scene in Sofia, Bulgaria
    (head of Metafiziq Recordings and co-founder of well known and very
    busy HMSU crew which consists of other members like Cooh and Mocks).
    He is producing for a lot of years now, his first releases came up in
    2002, and this three tracks are timeless monsters of big punching bass
    and well wicked beat structure and screaming synth hooks which do not
    let you get away. Ogonek is a fucking genious, no doubt, and this EP
    is a proof of his status and abilities!

    Audio Preview:

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