Drum & Bass The Nocturnal Wondermix (36 min drum&bass mashup w. dubs galore!)

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    Title: The Nocturnal Wondermix
    Masher: ThismeansWAR!
    Release: 16.04.2012
    Running time: 36 min
    Genre: Drum&Bass mashup

    So, this was initially my submission for the Insomniac / Mixcloud-competition that just went off. I didn't make it in time, but I felt that the mix was too sweet to throw in the bin. So here ya go - a bite-sized chunk of awesome that will make your heart beat one-hundred-and-seventy-four times per minute. Per request of some of the producers this one's unfortunately not available for download, but most of the tracks are available for purchase at your local smutpeddler's.

    For the geeks out there - this was performed live on a Novation Launchpad with Ableton Live in three stitched parts. I've done some mastering after the fact, fixing fade envelopes and levels in general. There are no effects applied whatsoever to any transitions or tracks - the ones you hear are in the tunes. Global quantization was set to 1/8, and I processed the whole shebang in PE before uploading.

    Slogun - Like This // Heavy Artillery Recordings
    Casket - Put It Down (Hugs&Drugs Remix) // private release
    Erb N Dub & L Plus - Replica // Technique Recordings
    TC - Tap Ho // Don't Play Records
    Erb N Dub - Alaska // unreleased
    Mitis - Shapes & Sizes // Heavy Artillery Recordings
    Afrowhitey - Ridin (Specimen A & James D'lay Remix) // Sludge Records
    Freestylers & Erb n Dub - Bounce To This // Freestylers Records
    Stanton Warriors - Shoot Me Down (Sigma Remix) // Punks
    Queen - Rock You (Devin Martin Tribute) // private release
    Alexandre - Power Unlimited // Heavy Artillery Recordings
    High Contrast - The Agony & The Ecstacy // Hospital Records
    Chase & Status - Hitz (Delta Heavy Remix) // MTA Records
    Bare Noize & Zardonic - Kill The Silence // OWSLA
    DJ Roman - Stick To The Track // unreleased
    TC - Burning Starlight (Digital:Twist Remix) // unreleased
    The Thomas Oliver Band - Baby I'll Play (Trei Remix) // Uprising Records
    Skepta - Hold On (Fred V & Grafix Remix) // 3Beat Records
    Sigma - Loving Me (Filthy Edit) // Life Recordings
    Alex Odden - Pressure Cooker // unreleased
    Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (Vocal Mix feat. MC Soultrain) // unreleased
    EmalKay & Rod Azlan- Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix) // Dub Police Records
    Camo & Krooked - Far Away // Hospital Records
    Kelis - Caught Out There // Virgin Records
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    crap. i gotta wait till its dark to listen to this. but im not active during nightime! arrghhhhh