Been DJ'in for for about a year now, got myself a pair of 1210's and have built up a savage collection of tunes (old and new)
I seem to have sussed the beat matching/pitch control and are getting to know the tunes well and starting to plan the mixes (in terms of phase/bars etc..)
Any advice on moving up to the next level...
Whats the best way of planning to the mix to get the most out of it??
Are here ways of mixing by adjusting the levels as opposed to just the cross fader??
Is it a case of just going through the tunes to find ones that will mix and then finding where you wanna mix the tunes??

ANY ideas/ advice on this or any mixing techniques/ tricks etc.. would be appreciated

Nice one!

Greg P

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You're asking a lot of questions here, and there's a lot of answers... But really there's only one answer.


Practice, practice, practice, and practising something like this is just like learning an instrument - don't just practice the mixes that you can do and sound good, but try to do things that you can't - push yourself - mixing together tunes in new ways, tunes that you haven't been able to mix before, double drops etc...

Don't be too proud to make mistakes at home when you're practicing, I've been mixing 8 years now and I push myself everyday, and make fuckups when I do - then the next time you try you just might find you can do things that you couldn't the last time.

Also, don't plan your mixes, you'll get into a comfort zone and just keep doing what you can do, and if you're in your comfort zone you're not getting any better, you're just amusing yourself...

Like I said, it's just like learning an instrument...