The Neft-`Find You EP`

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    Section 8 Recordings presents...

    The Neft - Find You EP

    Get ready! Russian duo, Dmitriy Svirgunov and Ilya Gadaev aka "The Neft",
    return with some highly energetic music in the flavor of 140 BPM. Epic intros
    give way to heavy melodic drops and lush strings. Great drum-work and an
    overall show of talent from these guys. This is just the start of what these
    two musical maestros are capable of. Be sure to also check their recent deep
    dubstep releases on Plush Recordings.

    LABEL: Section 8 Dub
    ARTIST: The Neft
    TITLE: Find You EP
    GENRE: Dubstep / Dubstep / Dubstep
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-08-30
    TRACKS: 5

    The Neft - Find You (Original Mix)
    The Neft - Keep Away (Original Mix)
    The Neft - Get You Love (Original Mix)
    The Neft - People Like (Original Mix)
    The Neft - Tell Me Why (Original Mix)

    from Beatport
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