The Mutant DJs with MCs Gusto & Rafta /// LIVE ON FORCE FM 30.03.09


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Sep 15, 2007
Yo.... been a long while since ive posted any of our stuff up.... anyway...


The Mutant DJs are fast becoming known for show casing UKs best up and coming artists and especially MCs. Monday night on Force FM was no exception. MC Rafta hailing from Doncaster made a 3 hour journey down to Force FM to join TMD and Best Breakthrough nominated MC Gusto for a hour and a half rinse out. This is a killer set and one for your collection. We will be signing Rafta to our agency over the next couple of months so expect to see this guy more often!!

Big up to everyone who locked on... phoneline was OFF THE HOOK!! serious!! non stop all night....

***Unfortunatly theres no tracklist***

but..... expect tracks from Original Sin, Corrupt Souls, Spekky, Logistics, Ewun, Tech Itch, Cabbie, The Upbeats, Cause4Concern, Simon Bassline, Spinline, Break, Evol Intent... plus many more!!

Trust me this is an absolutly firing set...

Please people.... leave your feedback....​
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Yeah man BIG set for real. Was wicked down at force and bare vibes in the studio. Was a mad ting for me flying down the A1 for 3 hours but well worth it. To be honest i think i could have performed better, was holding the mic a little close but now know for next time, plus this was the 1st time in me meeting the rocks and the crew and they were a sound lot, but next time i'm down i will feel a little more relaxed in it not being my 1st time meeting people. Feedback if you could please. Big Upz
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this was big. really enjoyed.

liking your style too mr. rafta. takes a lot for me to like an mc, but i like your flow, some of your bars were sick too! listening to it before i went ram on friday, got me right in the mood! in fact, i'ma stick it on now!

oh, and also. for having never mced with gusto (to my knowledge) you to vibe off each other so so well. that's a credit to each of you. true professionals (y)
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