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Sep 15, 2007
Whats going on peoples!!!

The Mutant DJs live on Force FM 22-12-2008

The Mutant DJs go live with one of the best Breakthrough MCs of 2008.... MC Gusto. We kick xmas off with an absolute stormer set live on Force FM. Big shout to everyone who locked on.... was a wicked set....

Anyway... we managed to finally get a tracklisting down for one of our sets! haha... LONG LAST!!

Check it out....

(private server = fast downloads!!)


G Dub - Forever VIP
Everyone knows it... everyone loves it! Forever VIP comes with its atmospheric intro... then BLOW!! straight into the dance!! Start how you mean to go on!
Serum - Urban Gorilla
Serum touches down with one of his biggest releases to date. Massive track to blow the dancefloor! With support from some of the biggest names in the scene.
Callide - Slow Motion
Callide hits us with another killer dancefloor track. MASSIVE MASSIVE TRACK!!
Zen - Hovercraft
Get ready for some subby wobble business.
Skynet - Missing Soul
Skynet is backon form once again. Missing Soul taken from his forthcoming LP is a piano driven vocal onslaught. Neuro/Dark/Tech heads... this ones for you!!
Stu C4C - Oblivious
Stu from Cause 4 Concern shows us why he's one of the best producers in the scene right now!! absolute smasher!!
Future Prophecies Vs Camo & Krooked - Blackmail
This track combines the best production techniques from both Future Prophecies, Camo and Krooked and puts it all into this massive anthem! ENJOY!!
Taxman - Original Ninja
Dub driven bassline crazyness!! Needs no introduction!!
Cabbie - New Reality
Cabbie.... one of the best Jump-Up producers around. Plain and Simple. New Reality is his brand new smasher!! GET READY FOR SOME SERIAY BASSLINE BUSINESS!
Peshay - Dont Think About Me
Peshay brings his new style to the new wave of dnb. This liquid/jump-up roller will have you bubblin!!
DJ Pleasure - Midnight Express
Pleasure is back on form!! LOOK OUT!
Kid Cudi Vs Crookers - Day And Night (TC Remix)
One of the d&b scene's leading producers steps up here for remix duties on the wonky house anthem day n nite. A sure fire winner to fill up the dancefloors!
Malism - Destiny
Brand new track on a brand new label. Check this hot new talent to the scene!! Malism brings you the Neuro presure!! BOH!!
Crystal Clear Vs Cabbie - Street Hawk
Its Cabbie again! this time Vs Crystal Clear... GET READY FOR SOME DIRTYNESS!
Tantrum Desire - Strength
The new boys of the moment. Tantrum Desire hailing from South East London bring you the dirty vibes!! Jump-Up how it should be!! ARE YOU READY??
DJ Target - Heavy Duty
Target steps up next with 'heavy duty' a stepping number with a cheeky bassline.
Tantrum Desire - Crazy Talk
Another Tantrum Desire track... ooohh we're spoiling you!
Crytical Dub - Rude Boys
Cabbie - This Sound
Cabbie again?? yet another stormer. Cabbie hits you again with some bass heavy madness!!
Drum Addict - Walk
YA DUN KNOW!! Drum Addict aka Erb N Dub brings the pressure!!
Luv & Haight Feat. Deeizm - Red Eyes (Matrix Remix)
Skynet - Pharoah
From Skynets new LP. This ones a tasty roller. Taking on a Skynet vibe of years past!!
Cabbie & Probe - Mr Jah
Its Cabbie again!! Sick production... sick bassline...
Zodiac - Red Alert
Zodiac.... Comings like an air raid siren... drops into some heavy dancefloor business!! one of our favourite tracks of the moment...
Heist - Dont Understand
Skynet - Geometrix
Another track taken from Skynets new LP.
Culture Shock - Kronix
Culture Shocks ever growing popularity is my no means a mistake! Just one listen to this track and you'll know why!!
Zodiac - Dimension
On the flip of Zodiacs "Red Alert" is this... another dancefloor smasher!!
TC - Borrowed Time VIP (Feat. Sub Focus)
TC and Sub Focus team up on this for one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year.
DJ Pleasure - Frost Bite
Pleasure hits us once again. This time with a cold frozen sub bassline that will send chills down your spine.
Callide - Im My Own Spall
West Countrys very own Callide comes at you with another one of his entourage of FAT tunes!!
Chase & Status - Take Me Away
We finish up and a perfect outro tune... sit back and listen.


(private server = fast downloads!!)


Remember to tune into our show every Monday 9-10.30 (uk time) on Force FM 106.5fm. Alternativly get down to and tune in from anywhere in the world!!


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Aug 27, 2008
im on it dude!
loads of track ive never listened to before so should be good :)


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Aug 17, 2008
Ruff mix, not really feeling any selection after the Luv & Hate remix though if I'm honest, you styles so hood you can even make shit tunes sound good ;) Rating Gusto on this too.
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